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  1. Sorry, made a boo boo. I'll bet lots of people think the same as I did. Thanks for the new info.
  2. Black rice isn't a rice at all; it's the seed of a grass. I've never eaten anything except black rice from Minnesota.
  3. I noticed at two stores today that their cigarettes were covered from view. Is this part of the new law?
  4. I can't get either of my two US cc's to work.
  5. Do you mean Macias? In the orange building frente the Coffee Tree? He is still there but IMHO made a big mistake painting his building beige.
  6. On that same govt. site, there is shown the new salary minimum. It's about 207 pesos a day.
  7. I pay my housekeeper $800 pesos a week; she works two days for four hours each. I'm going to raise her pay by 50 pesos a week as I do every new year. Neither my housekeeper nor my gardener want to be signed up for IMSS and pension.
  8. Check with the municipio office in Chapala for records on where he was buried.
  9. Check with the Chapala municipio office as they keep a record of where people are buried, ie. which cemetery.
  10. In the trash--not the toilet. Empty the pills from the package or bottle.
  11. No problem with immigration.
  12. Wow--that must have cost a LOT to construct. Not very inviting.
  13. That "4 corners" area is not called by that name. It is called "the Chapala light by the fountain" or "the light coming into Chapala" and others, but not 4 corners. It is very confusing using that term.
  14. Perhaps part of the problem is that the brakes on many Mexican truck are not in good repair. As is true with much of the rest of the truck There are no widespread roadside truck inspections so tires, brakes, lights and mud flaps etc. are left up to the discretion of the driver.
  15. I bought my CETES through Intercam with an anto rollover every 30 days.
  16. I really love Gabriel Martinez at Quality Care.
  17. I left my cardiologist at Quality Care and saw a new doc at the Riberas Hosp. I can't begin to describe the odd things I ran into while there, including a patient treatment area with a curtain that wasn't long enough to cover the door. I was able to flash all the male employees with my magnificent breasts during my EKG. By the way, the doctors appointment and EKG were 2250 pesos. At QC, the same appointment and EKG were 1000 pesos. I suspicion "gringo gouging".
  18. Most of those in the underground economy are independent contractors similar to my gardener and housekeeper. If they want me to register them for SS, they also need to understand that the govt. will want SS fees from every employer. Not a problem for me and the few hours they work. But then the govt is going to want taxes from all the money the employee makes and their take-home pay will take a hit. I don't know how much but my gardener said he will figure it out at home before he makes a decision to decline or not. I doubt that more than a few will want the govt to know their business and for the same govt to have more money available for graft and nepotism.
  19. I'm so sad that we didn't hear sooner. I hope someone put him on their altar this year. RIP
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