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  1. I am not taking any benefits from the association. Any benefits I get are from the municipality.
  2. You do get to pick and choose what clubs, churches, associations, that you want to belong to. If the benefits don't outweigh the burdens for you, then you choose not to be a member.
  3. I asked Santa to give this board moderators that will actually moderate, and enforce the rules, and tell people not to use posts as chats, and to keep on point of the original post. Thanks fans
  4. Help from my fans appreciate It seems I have to sign up through my "provider," but I don't see Telmex or Infitium. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks. David/Eric/Nockolas/Clueless/Talosian
  5. I just paid near $200 for 20 5mg tablets, no brand name at Similar in Chapala. I then rechecked what I had before on Mercado Libra. 21st. CENTURY, 5mg, #120. Now my fan club can tell me how stupid I was.
  6. your comment was uncalled for and helped nobody but those sickies who get off on making negative posts. I wonder how that kid would do with CHF and a left ventricle ejection factor of 43. I hope some day you get to find out.
  7. This is $1,600 o MercadoLibre. I will take $14,000,00 pesos, NO LESS. I can not figure how to set it up. I am in Chapala Haciendas #2. PM me if you want more info.
  8. This is $1,600 o MercadoLibre. I will take $14,000,00 pesos, NO LESS. I can not figure how to set it up. I am in Chapala Haciendas #2. PM me if you want more info.
  9. NEW COMPUTER, RECOVERED OLD NAME. NOT WORTH FIGHTING ABOUT. Is a prescription needed? Cost? For a lady wanting to come down. Thanks.
  10. The rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated. If I want to say something to someone, I usually PM them. I do ask questions PRN Eric/Clueless/David/ whatever.
  11. I received my first two Covid shots in the U.S. Now I need/want a booster in Mexico and can mix and match with Astrro Zenica. Problem is that I'm not in the Mexican system, so this would be my first shot here. What would be my best course to get the needed shot? Thanks.
  12. Chapala Haciendas, 1.5 bathrooms. Last pumped mucho years ago. Any recommendations? Guestimate on cost? Thanks.
  13. just talked to them this morning. One of the doctors is in Germany now and Dr. Claudia, when last heard from, was in Mexico City, but now she can't be reached. Also, EyeCenter is being remodeled and the phone now not being answered. I'm looking for another Ophthalmologist locally to Chapala/Ajijic. Any recommendations? Thanks.
  14. I would like to find a house for a Mexican family. Mother, 15-year old son and two younger (not toddlers) kids. I need it to be within a 15-minute drive from Chapala. I'm looking for 2 (maybe 3) bdrms and 1.5 or 2 bath. Now the Unicorn part. Price must be in pesos and a middle class neighborhood. Not dirt floors and windows w/o glass and real doors. I don't believe/know any R.E. Brokers locally that I think would handle these kind of houses; really not that much $$ in commission, but maybe I'm wrong. Any thoughts/input appreciated. I really prefer PM if possible. Thanks.
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