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  1. Does anyone have a recommendation for a good immunologist? Lakeside or Guadalajara. Thanks.
  2. Anyone been prescribed Fossin antibiotic here for UTI? Considering taking it, but a bit wary since the dosage amount (less) and length of time (much more) prescribed here is so different from the same drug in the US. Be curious to hear of your experience if you care to share. Thanks.
  3. Next month our four-year temporary residency is up and we need to change to permanent residency. if our consultant/agent is not available to help with the process we will need to do this on our own (in Chapala). Anyone have experience with this process recently? (I did read a post a while back regarding this but can’t seem to locate it now.) i’ve read that the process is pretty straightforward… But I don’t want to commit a simple faux pas and screw things up! Any suggestions or insights most appreciated! Thanks.
  4. We plan on getting solar as soon as we can get the CFE bill put in our name. Would you recommend the company that installed your panels? How many panels did you install? do you know how many watts you get per panel? Thanks 🙏
  5. Correct link to DAC rates: https://app.cfe.mx/Aplicaciones/CCFE/Tarifas/TarifasCRECasa/Tarifas/TarifaDAC.aspx?fbclid=IwAR3DNeRnmzMRh6u3WlS6E6kN7qqWMZsL-yPBT4H8ahDVVBIlu8INCsElXco we plan to get solar very soon. Been trying to change the name on our CFE bill since we bought our place over four years ago!
  6. Found the final answer: https://app.cfe.mx/Aplicaciones//Tarifas/TarifasCRECasa/Tarifas/TarifaDAC.aspx?fbclid=IwAR3DNeRnmzMRh6u3WlS6E6kN7qqWMZsL-yPBT4H8ahDVVBIlu8INCsElXco
  7. Thanks. Really appreciate it. Still can’t figure out though why our Suma rate is 6.884. Is something else added to to the 3.27 excess consumption rate listed?
  8. Very helpful and thank you for the link but I cannot seem to find the monthly rate information at that site. It would be a big favor if you could show me exactly where it is on that site. Thanks
  9. This year For example: February 5.82 Per kilowatt hour, April 6.29, August 6.89. Our cost per kilowatt hour has increased every bill since February 2020
  10. Ever since we entered the CFE DAC rate our cost per kilowatt hour has increased each bill. Is this normal?
  11. Would love to hear from anyone who has driven to the border to nationwide a car; our car qualifies and our TIP is almost up. Delegating to a service may be cost prohibitive so I’m taking one last look at doing it myself. (Our car is solid and ideally I’d like to avoid the hassle and uncertainty of buying a used MX car.) Thanks.
  12. Thank you for sharing that difficult news. After her first visit with Dr. B we concluded he wasn’t right for my wife.
  13. We are in need of recommendations for a gastroenterologist in Guadalajara. Someone who is a good detective on intestinal issues. Thanks for your help!
  14. I have done both, and received contradictory answers; hence my question.
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