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  1. We eat inside and found the food excellent and no flies
  2. Anyone know how many wells Simapa has in the area that delivers water to different areas and fraccionamientos
  3. Excellent for investment. Never disappointed. And returns are the best.
  4. Can anyone recommend a nursing home where a patient needs care. Patient is elderly and needs attention to his care and not just a place to recuperate. suggestions please
  5. And what does this have to do with this topic. Maybe you responded to the incorrect post
  6. What time do they open please
  7. I had not gone to Gosha for a while but Sunday I went and omg guess who was there. Guess you changed your mind.
  8. Right we will not go back. 2 out of 3 had arrachera. I looked at it and asked both what they ordered. Will not go back. Too many other great places to eat.
  9. Expect smaller portion of arrachera, it was one half the size it used to be, yes prices have gone up. Baked potato was not that hot. We were disappointed. It use to be so great. We were there at lunchtime and only one couple there.
  10. Go see Efrain Gonzalez. His place may have it since he sells small bottles of paint
  11. I would run also. I have had neighbors get their deposit back and another not get it back because she did break the contract and did not give notice
  12. Lots of places you sit on do not have arms.
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