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  1. To avoid what happened above, pre register with local funeral home, who you call in case a death of loved one. yes you never call the police. The funeral will pick up the body and call one of their doctors to pronouce the deceased dead and certify the death. At lakeside if someone is dead do not call an ambulance, the attendents have to call the police, it required of them. sorry that happened to you. You did not now the rules ambulance attendents have to follow. Please it happened where i live in el parque, about 20 of us went down the following month and registered with san francico funeral home, and informed the administrtor of el parque we are registered with the funeral home in case of death. This only covers you if you die in your home or locally in someone elses home, not if you travel or die in a car accident. ( yes you call the funeral home but diiferent procedures have to followed in death in a car death. its was about $2000 pesos to register and sign documents at funeral home, doctors cost about $2000 pesos to come to your home to certify death. we prepaid the $2000 for one person for doctors fee to certify death. ( the last thing i would want one of us to do in case of death is have run to the bank and get $2000 pesos) Do not blame the ambulance they are employees and have to follow the law. Please register with a funeral home for yourself and let your friemds know you are registered so your friends can call the funeral home. upon your death.
  2. Brought back by popular demand Bingolago players like the price and qulaity and many flavors of amo cacao,
  3. Amo Chocolate Tasting 1pm Wednesday Dec 14th, 2022 at El sombrero restaurant
  4. i moved over to bonanza old posada great fresh orange juice , love veggie omelete very consistent breakfats with a view
  5. AYUDE A LA CRUZ ROJA A BRINDAR CAPACITACIÓN EN RCP Ayude a CRUZ ROJA CHAPALA a brindar RCP de emergencia, primeros auxilios, seguridad, comodidad y esperanza a quienes lo necesitan. Los socorristas, Cruz Roja Chapala, necesitan más maniquíes de entrenamiento y suministros para impartir clases de RCP y primeros auxilios de nivel superior. La mesa directiva de la Escuela De Artes Industriales (Have Hammer Will Travel A.C) percibiendo la necesidad de maniquíes de entrenamiento y útiles escolares, está solicitando a los amigos de nuestra escuela que se unan . a Cruz Roja Chapala este (Giving Tuesday Nov 29, 2022) martes de donación para obtengan fondos equivalentes. https://www.globalgiving.org/fundraisers/44862/
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