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  1. So you take hwy 97 to 40 West? Do you have a way to check the security situation in Reynosa before you head that way? Thanks
  2. Do you go through Monterrey or Ciudad Victoria?
  3. Any recent experience and/or comments? Thanks. Edited to add: Will be driving up through Ciudad Victoria, not Monterrey.
  4. How did you fax it? From your computer? If so, which program did you use? Thanks
  5. Found it here https://www.canada.ca/en/revenue-agency/services/tax/international-non-residents/individuals-leaving-entering-canada-non-residents/non-residents-canada.html in the Which income tax package should you use? section, right above the Filing due date heading. "Due to international mail delays, the CRA is temporarily accepting non-resident income tax returns through fax. You can fax your return to the tax centre applicable to your country of residence." I haven't done my taxes yet. If you successfully send yours by fax please let me know. Thanks very much for posting this.
  6. OK, I'll take a look at Section 217. Thanks.
  7. I hadn't heard about this. Tried to find it on CRA's website but couldn't. Do you have a link to the information? Thanks.
  8. I've put another $100 on a few days after the expiry of my 60 days and my old saldo still carried over.
  9. This is a good one. It gives you options as well. Thanks!
  10. I have the Amigo Por Segundo option - not a plan. I pay less than 1 peso per minute, charged by the second. I put $100 pesos on my number at Oxxo and it lasts 60 days. When you go to Oxxo you have to tell them it's a "Recarga Normal, no de Plan." Don't know if you can get anything cheaper than that.
  11. Hi, does anyone know? When I cross into the US it automatically changes to T-Mobile. I don't have a plan, I just pay as I go.
  12. Good morning, does anyone know how much long-term parking costs at GDL or one of the parking lots nearby? Thanks.
  13. Sounds inviting. What's the cost of living like in San Carlos? Thanks.
  14. These are photos of the emergency lights sm1mx purchased. Sent to my email at my request.
  15. Also, don't forget the flashlight on your phone if you have nothing else.
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