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  1. Noted. All opinions welcome. It’s so tempting …. To think one is helping when it’s not helpful at all.
  2. Sorry, my thoughts were fantasy. I’ll keep considering more realistic means. Thank all.
  3. I accept your condemnation. I will only say, Death by any means is inhumane. I am carrying this heavily. I wish we could coexist. no need to heap more shock or shame on me. I’m keenly aware. I’m very worried. And I feel like a shit human being. And I appreciate your sentiments. Mudgirl.
  4. Thank you all for your thoughts. None of this business makes me happy. Of the choices, really I think the snap trap is the most humane, IF the device works and that’s all based on the position of the rat when it goes off. It’s awful when it happens, but the rat isn’t poisonous to other animals or dies slowly. I tried to keep up with them that way but they started to proliferate and I was falling behind and they were destroying appliances by chewing through a water line and flooding my kitchen and dining room. I went with a service that places black boxes with pellets around my house the house was also sprayed . Again, none of which makes me happy. But I appreciate the good ideas and concerns and I can’t imagine any of your pups being walked where one of these rats would appear my geography informed my choice a bit pleae don’t be upset but it was getting out of hand thank you all agin
  5. PS Uncooperative/mystery owners/lawyers/squatters/ …. It has been a eye opening. But the rats are here. I didn’t know we have Norwegian rats here. I also know them as “roof rats”. Wow. Something new every day.
  6. Mudgirl and Mtn mama both excellent points. Thank you for you thoughtful replies. I like the idea of a cat. However I lack the imagination as to the outside cat being able to help me inside because of my pups. I know the problem is going to be ongoing if the lot behind me is unsanitary which is why I was hoping an exterminator (I hate the word and the idea as well) would be able to help me in an ongoing control effort. I don’t know what that looks like or if any of you are doing that who don’t have awesome cats to help you. One chewed a water line and consequently a large area was flooded. Unfortunately. It’s urgent.
  7. Unfortunately, I have a few rodents in my house that are causing monetary damage. I have tried to do my own trapping with a snap trap as well as the No kill traps. There was one death in a snap trap but that hasn’t eliminated the destruction. I need help. I have two dogs. There is a lot behind me with a variety of people that are living in a shed not meant for human habitation. No water, toilet, kitchen. So o need to find a good pest control firm. All recommendations from this source have led to good outcomes. I prefer to live and let live, but rats in the house … not good.
  8. I am seeking a recommendation for a VPN provider. Does anyone have experience with VPN? I searched “VPN” but no results came up. thanks in advance
  9. What documents needed for second shot? Guadalajara Reporter has front page article regarding some people being turned away. Both immigrants with temporal visas and nationals with voting cards issued in different states. is the following list of documentation what this web board community understands to be needed? 1. **CURP certificate 2. utility bill showing proof of residence 3. Green card copy front and back 4 **vaccine registration printed from mivacuna web site for 02-06-21, 50-59 demographic. (Top half of page returned to people on first vaccine day. Is there a new certificate needed from the government, or, is the top half of the original registration adequate?) 5 copy of passport. The asterisked items 1 and 4 were the only documents that were looked at and retained by the front desk staff on 02-06-21 at the tech institute for 50-59 age group, in my personal experience. bottom line question? What docs are needed to avoid any foreseeable issues for second shot?
  10. I’ve wondered about sponges myself. Do you think the problem is the over harvesting of sponges? I believe I saw something about that. I find available sponges are the less absorbent, synthetic kind. I’ve returned to Cotten dish cloths and splurged and bought Swedish dish cloths to supplement those. I’ve used the Swedish ones before and liked them. But they are expensive. 60 pesos each but washable and “good for 50 uses”. I haven’t done the spreadsheet but I think over time they may be an ok alternative or supplemental cloth. https://www.amazon.com.mx/gp/product/B07GX6TRQX/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  11. I have 3 empty garrafons (sp?) that I’m not sure what to do with. Does any water company take them? Thank you.
  12. Wow! I’ll call right now. You can’t beat that! Mucho gracias all.
  13. Hello, so many great recommendations happen here. I’ve benefitted from several already, so I have faith in all of your expertise. 1. I need a refrigerator ice maker repaired (I’ve tried two times, even bought a replacement unit) 2. an air conditioner (can’t count how many visits from someone who said they could do it) thank you all in advance
  14. Thank you all for these thoughts. I have a very small space, so vines and climbing plants are a great idea. I like the look of the lantana as well. 💐
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