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  1. We are absolutely stuck under a huge high pressure dome that is so strong we aren't even seeing a single cloud in the sky. The sub tropical jet is displaced pretty far to the south over the pacific west of us. The polar jet is further south than usual. Cooler than normal in the western U.S. causes a blocking upper level high that keeps the one over us from shifting north. The Monsoon Trough is displaced south and not generating near the usual amount of tropical waves. Our family in Oaxaca reports the rainy season has not arrived there on schedule, namely towards the end of May. It could be late this year. Very late. Like third week of June. And then weak. This could be a bad year for central Mexico. Hope I'm wrong.
  2. No problem in far SE Ajijic. Not even a flicker.
  3. Max the Magnificent Maine Coon has crossed the rainbow bridge leaving some things behind he's like to donate to help another kitty. FREE 30ML bottle of Semintra treatment for kidney failure. This is a relatively new med that can be effective against mid stage cat kidney failure. It costs $80 per package at Ladrons. Half of a package of Enzimax, treatment for the liver problems associated with cat kidney failure. Half of a package of Lactopet probiotic for liver and kidney failure. Not for resale, only for someone who has a cat that can use these meds.
  4. There was also a place a few blocks west of Colon on Constitucion. Is it still there? Looks like it might be gone.
  5. Thanks to everyone for their condolences. My brother said the nicest thing ever about Max: "Max was the epitome of what every cat should be." Amen.
  6. My wife has her booked for a 2 AM Sunday run to the airport. Now she is saying her daughter will be making the run. Anyone have experience with the daughter?
  7. Back to May before the rains. Should be heating up today, more tomorrow. Strong SW winds aloft remain, while this cuts down on the pollution the rains can't begin until these abate and the easterlies gain traction. I am expecting a late start to the rainy season this year.
  8. Max the Magnificent Maine Coon has gone on ahead of us. He has a lovely resting place in one part of our garden with a great view of the walls he loved to walk. Definitely our best cat ever, much loved and missed.
  9. Not all that heavy at my house in SE Ajijic but welcome nevertheless. Amazing electrical storm! This is NOT the start of the rainy season. It is the result of some sort of strange wind pattern pulling moisture up from the south and driving it all the way into the SW of the U.S.
  10. Massive plume of moisture moving up from the south south west.
  11. The lovely cat lady has assisted us in setting up a home visit for confirming evaluation and likely time for Max to go onward. Thanks to everyone for their caring and helpful responses.
  12. Parker. They'll show you a number of pan and company options.
  13. Only nine? Newbie! 🤣 I suppose it is time to start the "guess the start of the rainy season" thread.
  14. Max's regular vet is not available, she is out of town. He is starting to struggle a bit, the heat is probably not helping. Hence the request for a local vet to come and give him the two shots he needs to go on peacefully and painlessly. Please respond to that request if you are able.
  15. It is a crap shoot at best to get a spot at all, let alone a close one. The airport parking is chaotic and not sufficient capacity for those who want to use it, hence all of those private lots on Chapala highway now. Do yourself a favor and leave the car at home and taxi there. Just figure it as part of the cost of traveling.
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