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  1. I think we have just hit the point where there are just too many restaurants lakeside, in the hundreds now, for the number of customers. Event the best of them have empty tables at times when you would expect them to be a lot busier. Unfortunately this hasn't translated into better value or food for the most part and maybe to the contrary.
  2. Amazon international shipping is a real bargain and they seem to get the best deals on duty too. I find it is usually cheaper to order from an Amazon U.S. supplier than Amazon Mexico and the delivery is almost as fast. Would prefer to use Amazon Mexico, their delivery is lightning fast here, but they tend to be very uncompetitive with Mercado Libre or Amazon U.S.
  3. Matamoros should be avoided. Lots of problems there at the moment.
  4. Change it. Better to do so now than deal with it along side the road somewhere.
  5. I've had good luck with batteries from the LTH store in Riberas.
  6. There's one in Cihuatlan north of Manzanillo near where we go to the beach. It is a dump too. This one sounds just like it.
  7. New place on Chapala waterfront past Club de Yaches. Anyone eaten there yet? Looks pretty fancy.
  8. I wouldn't buy anything there but it is a fun day trip. The variety is quite amazing.
  9. Unfortunately this one sets a bad precedent for the future. It won't be the last.
  10. Aren't they obligated to provide you a pipa if the water is off for a long time?
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