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  1. Which local pharmacies & labs are the best in terms of reliability and price? Thanks a lot!
  2. I cant find any information about the next show at the Bravo Theater. Their FaceBook page is not active. Any ideas? Thanks!
  3. I'm trying to confirm the information I heard yesterday about how the increase in the minimum wage here will effect the income requirement to become obtain a Permanent Resident visa. I was told that the new monthly requirement is now in the range of $5,500 (usd) per month. Can anyone verify this? Thanks!
  4. I live in a high rise condo and we cannot install solar panels here for individual apartments (sniff!). I'm wanting to install an "on demand water heater" to replace my old electric one. Thanks for any other ideas you might have!
  5. I'm looking for someone who can convert my electric water heater and dryer to gas. Can you please recommend a reliable person? Thanks in advance!
  6. Thank you both for these suggestions!
  7. Does anyone know who sells propane gas BBQs in the Lakeside area? I've checked online at Walmart, Costco & Home Depot- and came up empty-handed. Thanks!
  8. Does anyone know how to go about getting an RFC# that's now required by CFE and Tel Mex to be registered with them? I would like to avoid going into Guad if possible. Thanks!
  9. Does anyone know what the total cost is to have cataract surgery done on both eyes by Dra. Claudia? Does she do both eyes at once or not? Muchas Gracias!
  10. Is Starlink the newer service that offers about 1000 channels? Just how expensive it is per month? Does the receiver box cost extra? What English language programming service do you recommend to provide for a rental unit? Thanks in advance for your replies!
  11. I recently purchased a small condo at Birds of Paradise on the Libramiento and am looking for a reliable property manager to check on the place when I'm up North or several months. Can you recommend someone? Thanks in advance, Dab
  12. I'm looking for someone to string my tennis racquet. And how can I reach that person? Thanks in advance for your suggestions.
  13. Karis Nafte will be giving a free presentation at the El Dorado fracc. on Wednesday, January 5th. She is a well-known animal trainer who will will talk about how to deal with common pet behavior problems. There will be a Question & Answer session following her 45 minute presentation. (Please note to leave your pets at home!) Reservations (and masks) are required . Contact Donna asap at: dab1219@gmail.com
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