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  1. That is not for almost five months, remind us closer to the event..I dont even have a 2023 calender yet
  2. I have water in Ajijic centro, I did two loads of laundry, and water the lawns and gardens heavy in case the water goes off next week..
  3. There is a shoe store on Ajijic Plaza with quality shoes and slippers..
  4. Dollar store in Ajijic centro has sparklers, I bought some for a friends birthday party there,and maybe they have some fireworks...
  5. Strange, it has many tables but no customers, we went one day at five, only ones there, had ribs, awful sweet sauce and tough meat, not cheap, we will not go back...
  6. I am glad you ate lunck with foos and service, I ave eaten there about tres times, GREAT,....
  7. I down loaded a Hearing aid app on my cell phone you can use with ear phones or without, works great...
  8. I had the worst ribs at Smoke House, best at newly remodeled Brunos, And Membrillo in Ajijic Centro, and great ones delivered from Adelitas...
  9. Lopez produce shops have them in Pkgs and loose in bin...
  10. It was very Quiet when we were there at six, with four others and lots of conversation, as my Partner and I were celebrating our 22 year of being together...
  11. We had dinner there last night, it was better than ever, the new decor is more spacious so you do not feel crammed in, and they Vicky great paintings on the walls, The best Margaritas Lakeside, the ribs, potato and corn on cob All great as before, we will be going there regularly...
  12. Go to Walmart on line same day service or just Walmart on line, they will ship it to you...
  13. Bread flour at Walmart, they have four different flavors, wheat , rye etc.
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