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  1. Inside Walmrt has Banamex which is what I use..
  2. Be careful there seems to be abundance of brown rattlesnakes along the trail...
  3. I predict it will rain on June 27th which is my 83 rd birthday party...
  4. Some kids fooled around with ATM and it now has to be replaced..
  5. Mine never went out on Marcos Castellanos in centro..
  6. He is not missing in action, you must have done something that made him avoid you, As I said before the best my gardens and trees have never looked so good...
  7. He has time now for you to be sqeezed in. ernesto 331 267 9364
  8. Ernesto is the best gardener I have ever had, He speaks English, has truck and tools, He has some time Available, 331 267 9364
  9. I passed the drivers test first time, at 80, no problem parking btween cones...
  10. Tell them you will be traveling when it is due, so u want to do early, that is what I did no questions asked.while there I got a handicap parking permit sign....
  11. I pura has not been to my Casa for six weeks and I have called them, they never come so I have my driver get it from Oxxo, then I get it when I need it...
  12. I got it back on my own so do not need tech...
  13. The number I have is 2 years old and not answering, does anybody have tech name and number, I dropped the clicker, usually I can get programing back, but not today, anyone have suggestion if I cant get a tech...
  14. It is pouring rain right now in Ajijic Centro, I hope this is early start of rainy season...
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