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  1. artsnob


    What a fabulous surprise , I had the best eggs Benedict I have ever had Lakeside, alot of great Breakfast variety ,will go back and try some others, the are open for lunch and dinner with great Thai food they open at 8 am. located in old Davids space, wonderful plants everywhere you are sitting in a garden. 21 Hidalgo, Ajijic centro
  2. I am going to a rain dance party Friday Night,,,
  3. Telcel is the best, why change, I have had it for more than 20 years, and am very happy....
  4. I was told they had to order a new machine and it will be out for a couple more weeks, fortunately there are about five working ones in the neighborhood..
  5. You can get there by bus, but you would have to cab back as busses will not stop to pick you up near costco...
  6. She left when Pandemic started, Contact Multiva they will contact her to call you...
  7. I am selling my Art and Folk Art collections, 11 to 3 daily, ring bell, 9 Marcos Castellanos Ajijic centro
  8. Inside Walmrt has Banamex which is what I use..
  9. Be careful there seems to be abundance of brown rattlesnakes along the trail...
  10. I predict it will rain on June 27th which is my 83 rd birthday party...
  11. Some kids fooled around with ATM and it now has to be replaced..
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