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  1. According to the link I attached, $33 for Cruz Roja, $28 for Hogar Cabañas, then re-calculating for the 10% January payment discount, and it somehow comes out to the increase they quoted over the 2022 cost.
  2. Proposed fees as of this month show an increase of $23, up to $734; you'll earn a 20% discount on annual refrendo if you have had your Verificación Vehicular. https://www.informador.mx/jalisco/Presupuesto-Jalisco-2023-Proponen-aumentar-23-pesos-el-refrendo-vehicular-20221102-0082.html SABER MÁS Así perfilan los aumentos en cobros para 2023
  3. Correct: AMLO's proposed federal vehicle inspection was rescinded; however, the Jalisco state emissions inspection is very much alive. I went for my (second) annual Verificación Responsable yesterday, in Ocotlán, and asked if we whose vehicles are registered and garaged here at Lakeside are included in the mandatory testing, as contradictory information is circulating. They confirmed that our area is included, and their understanding is that fines will begin sometime in 2023 as the area is close to reaching the 80 inspection lanes that is the cutoff. They also confirmed that foreign-plated vehicles (USA and Canada) who are garaged in Jalisco to area residents must comply with the emissions testing. To complete the online appointment for foreign cars, they said to make up a current -year date for the tarjeta de circulación receipt and tarjeta number and they will adjust these when you present your documents for review at the inspection station. Or, one can phone the call center number and they will make the appointment for you and email the document to take to Recaudadora or the bank for payment. According to Governor Alfaro, documentation of inspection also provides a 10% discount in our upcoming annual vehicle registration. We were in and out in 20 minutes yesterday morning, including time for the above questions.
  4. This is because the group of airports to which GDL belongs (Grupo aeroportuario del Pacífico) is not on the system to take the electronic FMM, which is only for tourists (not residents nor Canje). Incoming flights to GDL have not been asking for the form for several weeks now, instead stamping the incoming passenger's passport with an "E" (for Entrada) seal and handwriting in the number of days given for legal stay in México.
  5. I get USA NHL Network HD (60 channels) and USA NHL Network ALT HD. For Canada, I'd venture it would be under the local channels' programming? I don't see a CFL channel. I have Spotify for music.
  6. I suspended my service in September and disconnected my receivers, so I can't get on to check for you. Perhaps someone else cam check their package for you?
  7. Me, too. You may want to check with your supplier or, if you are able, with Shaw directly and post here. For the last year or so, we also are using firesticks; our service on all devices is 1/4 of my monthly Shaw bill. So far, no issues, although we have changed providers 3 x, and now are pretty much buffer-free.
  8. Just FYI, I just put my Shaw account on hold while I try out a (new to me) streaming service. My (Canada-based) supplier said that the 600-series receivers are being discontinued, and that after February 2023 I'd no longer be able to use them to access Shaw here. If that holds true, lots of us will be looking for other tv options come February.
  9. The process has recently been simplified. By air, flying into Guadalajara, officials no longer ask for the FMM form upon arrival into Mexico. Your friends, however, will be asked for the flight number, so they need to know that information and give it to the INM agent, who will then stamp and initial their passports upon the return.
  10. And spouse came in yesterday, 20 Sept, on AA from Dallas and same in-cabin announcement: no more forms, know your flight number, which is AA xxx. And again no announcement to mask up in terminal, where few were masked. So, consistent at least from Saturday thru yesterday.
  11. Magnitude 6.6 about 100k from Tecomán, Colima. Looks like we are right at the upper end of the red zone. My pool water sloshed out and my desk MOVED...thought it was me. Note: Official reports of new earthquakes may be delayed. Check back soon for more information from Estimated magnitude 6.6 earthquake 109 km from Tecomán, Colima · 13:05
  12. On my return Intl flight on Saturday, Sept 17 the flight crew announced that Guadalajara no longer requires the FMM form but arriving passengers must tell their incoming flight number to the immigration official. Nobody in INM turned in a form and we indeed were asked for the flight number. AND...more surprisingly, we were not told to mask up once off the US aircraft, as we always have been...even last week. Most passengers deplaning, all the INM officers, and many people gathered waiting for passengers in the terminal also had no mask. The large reader board videos on how to properly wear a mask were absent, also, since last week,
  13. We had a very unspectacular meal there about 6 weeks ago. With the proliferation of Argentine steakhouse restaurants in Ajijic centro, they will need to step up their game to survive.
  14. In Chapala, past the malecón and seafood restaurants, When you see the white double doors of the yacht club (and before the Palapa de Don Juan restaurant) lakeside, turn left onto the small street. It's a small white building on the left; one parks and lines up at the outside terrace area to have supporting documents reviewed before being ushered into the building to take care of license requirements.
  15. I only searched online but it shows up on Farmacias Guadalajara's website. The page does say a valid prescription is required.
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