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  1. We have IPTV (your can subscribe on your own, if you want to cut out a provider) and love it, except that under most circumstances we cannot record. However, since we have all the broadcast channels on it, we can go to another affiliate and watch the programming at that time. Series show under the "Series" icon and new episodes post sometime after air time (seems to depend on the show, sometimes a week later, if you want to catch up or binge. We also pay separately for Netflix and Prime, so we don't miss anything we want to watch.
  2. If you don't have a separate document that is solely RFC, you don't have a copy of your RFC document--you only have a document that shows your RFC number. A Constancia sits "on top" of your CURP and RFC and verifies that SAT confirmed the legitimacy of both document numbers assigned to you, so a Constancia shows your CURP, RFC, and registration ID number in the SAT system to the right of the box and next to your QR code. Did the papelería have you go through the visual, signature, and oral-reading prompts? Did they give you your own login and password to reprint your Constancia when you will need to? The Constancia (as do many Mexican documents, including birth certificates) have an expiry date of 30 days from the issue date printed on them (see the box under the document title CONSTANCIA DE SITUACION FISCAL). To reprint, you have to be able to log in to your very own account on SAT with your user ID and password, which you select during the preregistration step. (The process for a Constancia is twofold: pre-application and approval by SAT after review, then setup of your SAT account and printing of your Constancia. Sometimes this takes a day or two.) If you don't have the aforementioned information to get into your account and to reprint, you're likely going to have to do the process over when your Constancia expires, as have several people I know who chose this workaround route, rather than fully complete the process through SAT.
  3. I followed the link, but lo and behold...it directs you to a SAT office to complete the RFC after a cursory "preregistration with a CURP." Estimado contribuyente para efectos de realizar su trámite de inscripción al RFC, lo invitamos a acudir a cualquiera de las oficinas del SAT, cumpliendo los requisitos previstos en las fichas de trámite contenidas en el Anexo 1-A de la Resolución Miscelánea Fiscal vigente.
  4. You'll need a constancia to receive a factura for any reimbursement or receipt, such as for medical expenses, reimbursement from insurance companies, to open or update banking information, to open a line of credit, for a utility. In addition to CFE, Telmex wanted a copy, as did BBVA, Multiva, auto and medical insurance providers.
  5. EDITED TO UPDATE: THIS HAS BEEN TERMINATED BY INM FOR ALL US TOURISTS ENTERING BY AIR. From the INM website (https://www.gob.mx/.../forma-migratoria-multiple-digital...), the FMMd is no longer required for US tourists entering or exiting Mexico: just save your ticket and present with your passport upon departure, in case you are asked for it. Si ingresas vía área, no tendrás que llenar la Forma Migratoria Múltiple Vía Electrónica (FMMe), ni la Forma Migratoria Múltiple de manera tradicional. El Instituto Nacional de Migración omitirá la expedición de la Forma Migratoria Múltiple de manera física para aquellos extranjeros que ingresen a México vía aérea. As of last night, this INM process has not yet arrived to Grupo aeroportuario del Pacífico (GAP, the conglomerate of airports to which GDL belongs.) Grupo aeroportuario del sureste, which administers Cancún, and that of CDMX typically introduce changes to the systems prior to them filtering to Guadalajara. Hopefully, some day....for now; passport and residency card are what you need to leave and to return.
  6. There's a brand new Farmacias Similares in SJC with a doctor. I believe he leaves for lunch between 2-4 pm daily.
  7. CiBanco is the only one I know of: https://www.cibanco.com/es/cibanco/tarjeta-multidivisa-cicash-multicurrency
  8. 55 5781 4157 is their tel number in Zapopan; also WhatsApp.
  9. On Friday, $8800 cash (all inclusive, except for the prep which you get at your farmacia, cost of about $600) plus $500 per polyp biopsied. Doctor and anesthesiologist came from Guadalajara. You get a receipt for cash from the hospital; the actual bll/payment info is received from your doctor when results are received, in about a week.
  10. El Parián de Tlaquepaque, the circular venue across from the park. It has some 20 cantinas surrounding a round stage at which mariachis perform.
  11. All I mentioned are after security, upstairs. Go thru the Duty Free security exit, make a hard left and continue down the hallway. You'll pass, in order, Starbucks, Chili's, Priority Club access, Krispy Kreme, then a couple of restaurants, and another Starbucks.
  12. On the second floor, towards the far left end of the terminal (where many Volaris flights depart) and near the Starbucks and Krispy Kreme is a sit-down restaurant that opens very early and serves a full-menu Mexican-style breakfast with egg options, among others. Have eaten there several times. The Chili's is open 24 hrs. Also, if you are a Priority Club member, the lounge also serves breakfast.
  13. As do Mexican birth certificates and other official documents, a Constancia de situación fiscal absolutely DOES have an expiration date. It is good for 30 days from the date that appears on the form, and that date is printed, top right in a box, of page one of the two-page Constancia. This is why the papelerías are problematic: you don't get your own password to enter the system and then you cannot reprint. When you need a copy, all you have to do is logon to your SAT account with your id and password and reprint and reprint as needed.
  14. I completed the constancias online for three friends in the past two weeks; all approved. Takes a few days between the two steps.
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