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  1. OP certain made it clear ....I was charged $700 pesos for a used golf club that cost $21 US by customs
  2. .I can have ishop keep it out of customs. ...... I don't believe you OR they have the power, but I would ask them for an answer on that one.
  3. And they should ROAST IN HELL for that. For those dumping cats too 🤬
  4. I assume you have a Laredo address with iShop or the like. You DO realize that anything destined to Mexico that arrives at this type of mail service location (Laredo or other) makes a mandatory trip thru customs ( ergo a broker gets involved)? And they don't care what an invoice says----- you're at the whim of the person on duty at the time as to assigned value. IF I'm correct, then why would it have to be Laredo? You could ship items anywhere convenient for someone making back-and-forth runs. I got a double whammy when I bought something I could ONLY get in Canada and really needed. Lesson well and truly learned.
  5. I'm with you Fred! A European grocery chain ( Holland?? can't remember) has recently installed special check-out lines for lonely people who crave a visit and some human interaction with the check-out cashie as in days gone by. In that lane, you can take all the time you want.... have a chat... etc. Not exactly the same as the "what... PAY? ME?" folks.... but you get my drift.
  6. Not enough need for pay-as-you-play FAX svce and too chicken to use them or free ones anyway. Security freak here... private browsing, history deleted every time desktop turned off, etc. The kind person mailing ours from within Ontario is much appreciated and will be more than good enough for us.
  7. Our paper returns have to go to Sudbury tax centre. Interested as to why you would have a Winnipeg number??
  8. And do you file as non-resident? With usual due date June 30?
  9. Thank you too, but the BEST news is a returning Canadian snowbird has offered to take the paper returns and mail them from Ontario. YAY and a big applause to the Hero of the Day!!!
  10. In Canada, I grew "regular" oregano and "Greek" oregano. Same family but distinctively different taste ( leaves not quite equal either). No idea about "Mexican"..... 3rd, one of these, or??? but I suspect would not be in the supermarket bottles noted.
  11. https://my.clevelandclinic.org/health/articles/9304-st--johns-wort Not sure I'd want to mess around with this... or the known ( not always but still....... ) side effects.
  12. Well done! Ours aren't ready either and don't have to be there until June 30 but I always send early to be safe. IF the FAX machine tells me "rec'd" ( they used to, but now???) I'll assume so, but will call a couple of weeks later to be sure...............
  13. $900 pesos is a lot less than I paid if she's young and friendly, probably NOT feral, just homeless please be sure to leave water out for her 24/7, and thank you for caring
  14. be prepared for a raft of replies.... all citing "their" fav as the best for pharmacies, do your research since NONE are the "best" for all meds and you need to shop around (I use 3 plus get one thing at Costco)
  15. it ONLY applies to international mail ( reason given is slow mail delivery). It's in the Sec 217 area down lower ( near completion and sending) instructions. Can't find it right now, but if you go to cra website, and go to forms and instructions for your particular case, follow your nose. If you still don't find it send me a pm and when I have more time I'll find it for you.
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