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  1. Oh ML.... that's SO funny in SO many ways. (1) No idea how to add any apps to phone ( except few that are there on this old 2015 model) and (2) since my desktop monitor has no camera built in ( ordered that way on purpose) and (3) desktop is always in private browsing, and (4) all history is cleared nightly before I turn it of......... I truly can't accept MY cell phone would be secure enough. But I really appreciate the ML phone numbers if I ever need them. Gracias!
  2. I'm like Ferret........ only pay in cash. I suspect SunFan's problem is because of paying with credit card? I've been told that DOES require a whole different can or worms....all intended to protect you and I support that. But since I refuse to use a cell phone for any kind of financial things anyway, the worst I've had to endure as ML beefs up their security, is to grudgingly turn cell on to get a pass code by SMS to prove I'm who I say I am when I go to log in. And yes, I close it out as soon as I'm done with my purchase.
  3. Open the following from Informador today. Don't bother if you can't read the Spanish. Putting it here mainly for the pure JOY in the picture that comes before the story............ which says among more......... heat continues with nearly zero possibility of rain..... https://www.informador.mx/jalisco/Clima-hoy-Guadalajara-Sin-novedad-calor-y-viento-predominaran-en-ZMG-20230608-0050.html
  4. do what she's going to do go to recaudadora in Chapala and ASK
  5. That's because they are! As explained on Guad news this a.m. there are two HIGH pressure areas on westerly side that normally should be moving around. This year they are remaining stationary, and until they get out of this mode and back in the groove, nothing will change.
  6. OR if you have an account in U.S., why not send the funds by interbank wire transfer? Send in two bunches if you're that worried. Whatever "hit" you have to take, suck it u and move on.
  7. If it were making the choice, I'd take the dollars and change them in U.S. EACH of you is allowed under $10,000. Cannot say about U.S. border agents.... are you better declaring anyway? American citizens please weigh in.
  8. Just sent you a possible website by email. Hope it's the one you wanted.
  9. It looks brutal becasue is IS brutal.....😒😒😒
  10. Naturally the Feline King is at top of the heap..... where else? 🦁
  11. Our TP in Villa Nova was affected too........ some bouncing on and off during the fire day, and for a couple of hours the next. But all good now. For the record, when our phone ( TP) could not call, I used cell and called to report. Never had to speak to anyone because as soon as they had my info a machine said they knew about it and were wokring on it and gave me a report number for follow-up, but it was back in less than 2 hours. Telmex would have been more like two DAYS 🙃
  12. Might you be willing to share more..... cats / dogs / ferrets / birds...... etc?
  13. Our LL has all his ( many) properties in his own name, so not a go for us. But even SAT accepted TP when we got hub's new RFC no. last year, as did INE when we had to renew our cards last summer
  14. TotalPlay is accepted as proof of address for us.
  15. Yes. You cannot get a chair on request when you arrive at airport. I've no idea about other countries, but in Mexico the guys pushing the chairs rely on tips and get no other salary. Treat them as well as they do you, which IMO / experiences is exceptional. Not knowing about other places I've always tipped there too, but never treated as well as Guad airport.
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