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  1. Bought Totalplay on April 24 when it was installed. I paid $870 pesos for installation and the first month, this without Netflix yet. But without a remote control, it was useless. I was promised a remote within 10 days. I finally got one on day 22, but it didn't work. They brought me another one which sort of seems to work sometimes, but I suspect that it is Totalplay that is the culprit. It is the most fickle and infuriating attempt at a human/tech interface that I have ever encountered. It is almost impossible to imagine that they did any human/product interface testing prior to launch. Maybe they did the testing at a clown convention...??? I am paid up for another few days, so I'll continue trying to blame myself for all the problems until day 30.
  2. Is there a list of services offered, how much of the content is in English and a description of what is included? What are your favorites and why? Thanks in advance for your help.
  3. Looking for sumac powder for sale lakeside for personal use, ie, in a small quantity. Any suggestions?
  4. Is Lakeside Shopping Service still in business? If so, please provide a phone number and/or web address. If not, are there other services that you would recommend. Thanks in advance.
  5. The likelihood that even a really bad guy would shoot a gringo in this area is almost nonexistent. The whole area's economy relies on us, so even the criminal Dons say "back off."
  6. The CFE 6 hours of power off and on has taken a toll on our Samsung 49" Smart TV. Any recommendations as to where to take it for repair? We live in Riberas del Pilar, so Chapala to west of Ajijic is convenient. Thanks in advance.
  7. Happened to me today at the Libramiento light facing Walmart. I moved closer and closer to his vehicle until he backed off, then I opened the window and flipped him the bird. Ojetes will be ojetes. I'm not backing down to these assholes. Almost all of them are not locals, mainly tapatios.
  8. I searched for posts about the "Black Box" TV service advertised every week in the Guad Reporter and found nothing. We would like to know what kinds of experience people have had with the service. I we get a few good reviews, we'll order it. Thanks in advance.
  9. Could you forward your contact information to me as well? jon.b.pace@gmail.com Thanks.
  10. We lived lakeside for 11 years before we paid more than $500 pesos for a dinner for two. This new place takes precios sin verguenza to new heights, and I mean heights! I hope that even wealthy people will recognize this and respond accordingly.
  11. Can you provide a means of contacting him? Phone, email, address or whatever. Thank you.
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