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  1. the chapala police were participating in the parade - bringing up the rear - and would have had to been deaf, dumb and blind not to see the people setting off the cohotes - and hearing them - in the first parade. I think tonight was the third parade and didn't see a police truck - but did the first night.
  2. ha. so the first parade going down my street had a police car in the rear. He drove by the truck with the guys setting off the cohotes in Saint Andrews parking lot. Not sufficiently illegal this week I guess
  3. and the primary channel i want is pbs so i guess i can always cast from my laptop - already have express vpn
  4. thanks Harry - what I notice for some of these services is a lack of transparency - that is there is no easy way to determine the price. So googling USTVGO's price, it appears to be free - which goes back to - "If you're not paying for the product then you are the product" Tristan Harris I also found the same with Clear Choice - no easy way to find the price
  5. what about clear choice or lakeside TV?
  6. Recommendations for US TV Channels please -
  7. I have several pair of new eyeglasses from the states that need adjustment to fit properly - need recommendations on where to go
  8. suggestions on where to buy a leather or naugahyde sofa or loveseat! Understand my favorite used store in chapala closed 5 years ago
  9. google maps works - go down Ramona Corona look for lupita's restaurant - and then behind it you will see the drivers license facility in a field - but easy to see behind Lupitas If you have an appointment, you should be able to print it and take to Oxxo and other places to pay. LCS also has an upcoming class which makes things really easy. Took their last class - which is why i know where the DL facility is located
  10. Same problem with lack of pickup. I live on Calle San Lucas and yesterday I managed a shout out to a garbage truck going on a cross street to come pick up my garbage (and a guy did walk down the street to pickup) or else it would not been picked up. Note - I am the only pickup on the street. Wondered about taking trash to corner but doesn't look like a neighborly solution
  11. Still looking. Older used car in great mechanical condition - honda preferred 70000 pesos max Jalisco plated Current paperwork in order to Inc orig fractura My mechanic will verify mechanical condition Please message me if you have
  12. Thx for info and yes i posted 6-27 in classifieds snd some initial leads and they fizzled out Yes - patience needed but see a lot of older vehicles around town so am hopeful
  13. Thanks but posted there a few weeks ago without results so still looking
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