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  1. The green door is now in Chapala at #137 Pepe Guizar. Owner’s name is Miguel. Phone number is 331 305 7307.
  2. Just in case anyone was interested, the son is flying back tomorrow. The issues with his papers has been resolved.
  3. Where and when in Arizona? He is a very nice and interesting man.
  4. I have a Ukrainian refugee mother staying with me. Her son, who has an American green card and lives and works in the States, and who brought his mother here from Ukraine, desperately needs a ride to Laredo so he can get home to arrange for a visa for his mother. Please let me know if anyone can help him. He will, of course, help with expenses. Thank you.
  5. zeb, I have sent you a private message. Tell her my parents were from Lviv area.
  6. My first language was Ukrainian but I haven’t spoken it daily for the last 50 years since after my mother died. I also have some Russian having worked there in the 90’s with a linguistic professor from the Moscow State University as my tutor, but again, that was 30 year’s ago, so I am somewhat rusty. What do you need a Ukrainian speaker for…..maybe I can help.
  7. Go to https://dshs.texas.gov. Go to Available Covid-19 Vaccines in Texas.
  8. https://apnews.com/article/world-news-public-health-europe-budapest-coronavirus-pandemic-c7fd30907bd40c059b117d5730007769 Considering that Hungary, as an EU country, is now administering a Chinese vaccine, I think we can stop speculating about whether the EU will prohibit an individual vaccinated by a Chinese vaccine from entering.
  9. It is best to go in the morning, just after 10:00am. They are closed for two hours in the afternoon for comida from 3 to 5. I spent three days trying to pay my Ilox bill and on day two asked one of the workman in the underground parking lot what the deal was. He told me that there is someone there for sure around 10:00 but they disappear later on.
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