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  1. Try using whatsapp message. I believe he doesn't answer the phone when working and, if it was a business phone, I wouldn't be answering it when I'm finished work either.
  2. My favourite iron worker is Beto at Tempisque (just west of the old Blue Rose location... on the mountain side of the highway going west out of Ajijic). If you can dream it, they can make it.
  3. Quiet is hit or miss. Earplugs are heaven sent when uninterrupted sleep is a requirement. Noise travels up so the south side of the highway is generally better. Do not live near Eventos (rental party venues) or talleres (manufacturing such as iron workers). There are no rules or regulations preventing them from locating in residential areas. Having construction close to you is also a P.I.T.A. says I who endured three homes being constructed next to me in Riberas del Pilar. Two years of hell during the day caused by a bricklayer who was mostly deaf and played his music at a painful decibel level.
  4. They also posted in the "wanted section" of the classifieds. Their contact e-mail is dab1219@comcast.net
  5. Strom White (west Ajijic on the carretera) also has a selection of gas barbeques.
  6. The financing charges affect north of the border sales. Hard to sell a NOB home to be able to purchase a home in Mexico. It also happened in 2008.
  7. In a perfect world, everyone would conserve water 24/7/365.
  8. Scallions is in the Bugambilia Plaza. Across from the Bugambilia Plaza or across from Scallions is saying the same thing.
  9. Tinaco's are also life savers when the electricity is out. Gravity rocks!
  10. No. And I now have the Amigo plan which I topped up two days before I left.
  11. I used to use the drops on the parted hair but that requires another set of hands. Bravecto is not a pill. It is a tasty chewable that they think is a treat. Not only that but it works. Haven't seen or felt a tick or a flea in seven years.
  12. The mattress store west of Steren's does not sell sheets.
  13. This last time that I went to Canada, my phone worked BUT I was told that "Roaming" had to be turned on. Just be prepared to use up your battery charge more quickly. Search google for how to turn the roaming on for your particular phone and model. I was pleased that the phone worked because the previous time, when I didn't know about roaming, it did not.
  14. Nice catch ibarra! Went googling and found this... Running Stretch Belt - New Balance Not the same for sure but if you open the compartment (coin open I think) in the second photo, maybe it's a place to stash valuables while running or walking?
  15. I use Bravecto on my girls. Chewable and sized according to weight. Available at Friends of the Animals next to Ladron's Clinic in Riberas and other places. Bravecto is not for all dogs, please read about it online before you purchase. One chewable good for three months and it works for my girls. One Belgian Malinois 24 kg. and One German Shepherd 34 kg.
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