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  1. No kidding. When we first moved down here, every family member and friend was appalled. All said we would be back in six months... that was 27 years ago.
  2. Works for me! However, my dogs hate it when the clocks go back in the fall and I have to do the meal change in 15 minute increments to get them adjusted.
  3. I was also on the hillside above town in Atascadero. No pollution and an overabundance of trees. I believe you were in Balcones which, although it had better views, did not have that many trees at the time. Lived there happily from May of 1996 until October of 2005. Went back for a visit in 2013 and did not like all the rapid growth and expansion. It happens everywhere.
  4. I liked Guanajuato to visit but found the tunnels intimidating and it still felt claustrophobic even above ground. Lots of history there and Cervantino Festival is fabulous. Which reminds me, I forgot to mention El Teatro Angela Peralta in San Miguel de Allende. Dining in Guanajuato? meh. I passed on the "mummies"... downright creepy. Backroad from Dolores Hidalgo to Guanajuato has beautiful scenery.
  5. https://www.telcel.com/personas/telefonia/amigo/paquetes-end/paquetes-amigo-sin-limite Go into an Oxxo with your phone and give them the number... you pay 100 pesos for the 15 day plan... the word Vigencia on the packages tells you how long it will last... make sure you choose a plan that has enough Gigabytes of data if you are using the phone for more than calling and/or texting.
  6. San Miguel de Allende... restaurants, music, art and artists, classes of all kinds to occupy your time and a lot of historical relevance... cold in December and January. Puerto Vallarta/Sayulita/San Pancho... stinkin' hot and humid from June to the end of October... beaches, ocean, dining but not much of historical interest
  7. In a perfect world, that would be the case but it is not. Many farmacias put a sticker price OVER the embossed price and it is always higher than the embossed price. I called out Walmart on this practice and got a refund. So, sometimes the "discount" isn't really a discount at all.
  8. Thanks Natasha. I also hope that the lady involved will do the right thing. In the meantime, please keep in touch with me for anything that Richie and his family need. Richie is an outstandingly responsible young man with a young family. I hope that all of his clients step up to help him in his hour of need.
  9. https://www.amazon.com/External-CD-DVD-Drive-Compatible/dp/B07MJW5BXZ
  10. Bring them. Tools are expensive here and sourcing them is difficult.
  11. Yes, in Riberas. Longest tremor that I've experienced here.
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