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  2. we ALL hope it's early.... tonight would be less than soon enough federal water water commission disagrees.... late and paltry ­čśĺ
  3. Be careful there seems to be abundance of brown rattlesnakes along the trail...
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  5. I hope its "early" like the 11th June
  6. Partial answer. I can't say about the hiking club, but perhaps they suspended their weekly trips up the mountain because the local indigenous groups started charging for access to the trail. I can confirm that the trail is open, as there are large groups parking near the Tepalo trail head every Saturday and Sunday and hiking there. Also, the trail to the Chapeilta is open; I have hiked up there free of charge several times.
  7. I predict it will rain on June 27th which is my 83 rd birthday party...
  8. Some kids fooled around with ATM and it now has to be replaced..
  9. I should have said I got both my RFC and Constancia (one document). Take your CURP number and ID to the little Papelerila (?) across from the Oxxo/Intercam bank. She did it on her computer and printed it in a few minutes.
  10. SCOTIA BANK ATM (Domino's Pizza Location): Is it functioning? Three days no service.
  11. My friend and I are the registered owners but only I will be traveling to MX....can I get a permit from Empalme?
  12. I followed the link, but lo and behold...it directs you to a SAT office to complete the RFC after a cursory "preregistration with a CURP." Estimado contribuyente para efectos de realizar su trámite de inscripción al RFC, lo invitamos a acudir a cualquiera de las oficinas del SAT, cumpliendo los requisitos previstos en las fichas de trámite contenidas en el Anexo 1-A de la Resolución Miscelánea Fiscal vigente.
  13. Yes it's now required for that and SO much more. But without the RFC you can't GET a Constancia.
  14. Bite the bullet, make the appt. ( will not be real quick so brace yourself), and be POSITIVE you have everything lined up exactly as indicated. When we went last year to get hub's, I took a (color) copy of or TotalPlay bill as proof of address..... which I opted too use instead of original downloaded one becasue there was a staple in it (Oxxo receipt) I'd removed and the copy was "prettier". She spotted the marks the staple had left and refused to accept!!! LUCKY for me, my good Spanish and compliant attitude at every step (plus maybe because we're citizens?') won me the right to go with a young man to a bank of computers where ( they couldn't' figure out how to get it) I managed.... total MIRACLE..... and after trying with three different compu's, they printed what then became the "original". If that hadn't happened, we would have had to go home ( this was in Guad), get the "real" thing, and return another day. By the way, because this was 100% new to me, it was the first time ever we used a "facilitator". What she didn't tell us in advance was she was NOT allowed to enter the building with us!!! WE might have encountered ONE English speaker thru the entire process so (1) what was the point of having her there ($$$), and (2) again, my Spanish saved the day. No idea how Ocotlan works. Phone or email me for more if you like.
  15. Ford Edge Cars for Sale in Jalisco - soloautos.mx Terrible mileage on these but if you don't drive a lot, I think this is a nice vehicle.
  16. I remember sometime around 2003-04 it was very late, almost July before it started but man...once it started...
  17. It also helps to tip when expecting something that hasn't arrived. Last year, someone unexpectedly sent me a small package to my home address from the us. About the time it should have arrived I made a trip to the post office. Nothing there. A week later back to the post office - as usual gave clerk the address written on paper - the clerk looked for the package - couldn't find it - so she went to hand me back the address written on paper. I refused it - and gave her 50 pesos (2.50) with a smile and asked her to keep the address and I would check back later in a week. a few days later she drove to my house - i am 2 miles away from post office - and said the package was here - and she could deliver tomorrow - I was amazed - and of course did tip well the following day when the package was delivered to my home.
  18. When I renewed my car insurance they wanted a copy of my Constancia de Situacion Fiscal. Way back when I got mine at the paper, etc. place across the carretera from the Intercam bank in Ajijic. It took just a few minutes.
  19. Is this an SEL Utility or Sport model? I am trying to get comp prices on other vehicles like this one.
  20. IMHO I believe RickS wants you to start the yearly thread for guessing when the season will begin. But, maybe he just wanted a weather report.
  21. We are absolutely stuck under a huge high pressure dome that is so strong we aren't even seeing a single cloud in the sky. The sub tropical jet is displaced pretty far to the south over the pacific west of us. The polar jet is further south than usual. Cooler than normal in the western U.S. causes a blocking upper level high that keeps the one over us from shifting north. The Monsoon Trough is displaced south and not generating near the usual amount of tropical waves. Our family in Oaxaca reports the rainy season has not arrived there on schedule, namely towards the end of May. It could be late this year. Very late. Like third week of June. And then weak. This could be a bad year for central Mexico. Hope I'm wrong.
  22. I didn't request a Constancia (generally, a controlled document proving your tax situation) when I got an RFC number in Ocotlán, they just gave it to me. If you think about it, why wouldn't they? The idea is to eventually require individuals and legal entities to formally identify themselves for tax purposes when making certain transactions. There's also an RFC web app (and a phone app, but it's just the web app) with an elaborate setup routine including taking a video of yourself saying a random Spanish sentence. I haven't done it yet, but one imagines eventually showing a QR code as tax identification for some things. The SAT Module in Ocotlán is unchanged as of 3-4 weeks ago. Under 60 requires an appointment. 60+ supposedly can walk-in, but I don't know if that's documented policy. LQ
  23. I checked and don't have an RFC number. I did find this about getting an RFC online but it looks like it is for Mexican citizens only. https://contigosinfronteras.org/get-your-curp-and-rfc/?lang=en#:~:text=Requirements to apply for the RFC%3A&text=It can be done online,PTSC%2FValidaRFC%2Findex.jsf
  24. We are thinking of returning to Lakeside....but we heard that the Hiking Group was no longer too active because the indigenous locals had decided to cut off access to the Mountain. We both hike and would like to know what the status is....can you give me a contact or answer this question? thanks a bunch!
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  26. They close on Wednesday.. closed yesterday open today which is thursday.
  27. This may help: https://www.mexperience.com/faqs-what-is-mexicos-rfc-and-what-is-it-used-for/
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