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  2. I also heard one in west Ajijic for 2 nights but not in last two, Blame it on the eclipse! 🤣
  3. Both have reviews last month https://www.google.com/maps/place/Restaurant+SIMPLY+THAI/@20.3002869,-103.2662955,17z/data=!4m12!1m2!2m1!1sthai+near+Ajijic,+Jalisco!3m8!1s0x842f46aafa2e4fcb:0xa76f51bfd361eb4b!8m2!3d20.3008486!4d-103.2641001!9m1!1b1!15sChl0aGFpIG5lYXIgQWppamljLCBKYWxpc2NvWhoiGHRoYWkgbmVhciBhamlqaWMgamFsaXNjb5IBEGFzaWFuX3Jlc3RhdXJhbnTgAQA!16s%2Fg%2F11c14f05dd?entry=ttu https://www.google.com/maps/place/Tepetate+Pian+Thai+Restaurant/@20.2997719,-103.2638791,17z/data=!4m16!1m9!3m8!1s0x842f46aadde3f291:0xfa43a1885277c8b4!2sTepetate+Pian+Thai+Restaurant!8m2!3d20.2997719!4d-103.2638791!9m1!1b1!16s%2Fg%2F11cs09dxbb!3m5!1s0x842f46aadde3f291:0xfa43a1885277c8b4!8m2!3d20.2997719!4d-103.2638791!16s%2Fg%2F11cs09dxbb?authuser=0&hl=en&entry=ttu
  4. If not local there are many on MercadoLibre https://listado.mercadolibre.com.mx/borde-jardin#D[A:borde jardin] and Amazon Mx https://www.amazon.com.mx/s?k=borde+jardin&crid=16BKFRCPNRIDH&sprefix=borde+jardin%2Caps%2C157&ref=nb_sb_ss_ts-doa-p_1_12
  5. 12 April 2024 Visa rate 16. 370316 Mastercard rate 16.xxxx(Present day's rate is available at 3:05 PM EST)
  6. I expect they have it at Home Depot but hoping to not have to go into GDL for it. Something like these:
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  8. All reviews are over a year old. Please tell me where you go and where that restaurant is located. TIA
  9. Still does happen. While living in CO. My wife would thrift shop pieces of clothing that were worth hundreds of usd. Buy them for a few usd and resell online for a few hundred. Easy side money for trips lol.
  10. This is going to sound silly but tell her to triple check her car and maybe even have someone else look too. Husband and a friend both found their "lost" wallets, after several days, in their cars.
  11. Posting for Judith Morgan Black zippered wallet lost somewhere between Walmart exit and El Torito checkout. I had my wallet when leaving Walmart then did not have it when I went to check out at El Torito. Reward Offered Name on documents in wallet Judith K. Morgan Can call: +1 214-724-3527 +1 972-412-6060
  12. I believe that is a "tourist" rainbird that is just passing through as it heard every "thing" is now welcome to cross the border....if captured, the small knapsack on it's back proves it is not local...... Fred Habacht
  13. I have heard a rain-bird in Ajijic West for 2 days running now. I fear the poor blighter may have woken up a tad too early and is discombobulated? The song is a half hearted one, so perhaps still drowsy?. Anyone else hearing any?
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  15. Chapala. Electrodomestico, Lopez Cotilla #299 Chapala. North side of street. The sign is really high above the store. Just past Zaragoza. 376 7657270
  16. I have a Dyson vacuam cleaner that needs repair. Does anyone know of a place that will do repairs?
  17. 11 April 2024 Visa rate 16. 298816 Mastercard rate 16.378996 (Present day's rate was available at 3:05 PM EST)
  18. We need a Go Fund Me, to get Ferret back her reactions inventory. (or to pay to fix this web-board....).....or both.
  19. Thanks. I'll try that for sure. edited to add: deleted the attachments and came back here to check... still out of reactions.
  20. FYI I was having problems with using all my reactions too. I did something that I don't see how it could possibly be related, but, it solved my problem, for now. I went to MY ATTACHMENTS and deleted all of them, which was a large amount. For some reason, I haven't had any problem with the number of reactions per day.
  21. No pun intended, I'm sure. HAHAHA, jajaja.
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