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  1. This is for a Chiapas location, no? Requirements for balmy Lake Chapala might be different.
  2. New CFE poles were installed either side of the careterra at 5 de Febrero on Sept 6 th with no apparent downage. These were very tall, metal poles as opposed to wooden. Sunk in a concreted foundation.
  3. It's been a number of years since I was knowledgeable of these. Back then, there were 'brands to buy and brands to stay away from'. And those that didn't play well with pressurized water systems. Etc Etc Anyone with any recent experience owning one. Larger size for whole house; several bathrooms and several story house? Long runs from heater to bathrooms. Pros and Cons. Basically I'm just looking at whether a on-demand heater would work and as important does one actually save any money over a standard water heater, all things else being the same. TIA
  4. The pump in Las Salvias does not serve your street.....
  5. Fred, my heart goes out to you. In addition to your wife, please make sure that YOU are getting some help/relief. Your mental and physical health is important now as never before.
  6. Lou, what you say about Mexican homes, with their thick 'concrete' walls as opposed to NOB stick built homes, is obviously true. But not everyone here is prepared to do what you have done vis a vie ethernet wiring throughout. And you are a 'pro' whereas most folks are neophytes. I had, in a very large concrete home, good success installing a Google Mesh system. I did take care to place the 3 'slave' cubes as best I could with respect to walls vs the base unit. My speed tests/ping in all portions of that large house are very acceptable. As always, YMMV
  7. ... another benefit of using fiber, no?
  8. I find that the best long term solution for my sanity is to block the person who 'offends' me. This protects me in two ways.... I don't see their comments and they can't contact me. Out of sight, out of mind. End of story. No more drama.
  9. and maybe other locations in west Ajijic?
  10. There are several organic markets weekly and otherwise some stores sell at least some of the things you asked about... Ask around when you arrive.
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