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  1. https://www.chopo.com.mx/jalisco/colonoscopia-virtual Chopo; Poplar Justo Sierra Justo Sierra Avenue 2350, Ladrón Guevara, Guad, Jalisco, Mexico. -44600 Nuestro precio en sucursal $3,935.00 Precio en línea $2,951.25 Tu ahorro en línea $983.75 This sounds like a heck of a deal compared to $12,000.00 in Riberas Homeland La Patria Avenue 1744, Santa Isabel, Zapopa, Jalisco, Mexico. -
  2. Only Canada but I see no reason they would not be available in GDL. I'll be searching in 5 years.
  3. In case anyone is unaware a 'virtual colonoscopy' or CT scan is an alternative. I have only had these as a precautional preventative to potential injury [due to birth malformities]. Of course presence of polyps would require a true colonoscopy. One advantage is that organs are also scanned for abnormalities. I have no clue as to availability nor cost locally.
  4. I forgot to add; this is why Amazon Mexico often cannot compete with Amazon US.
  5. The Mexican government should loosen up the import regulations and brokers should be restricted with further scrutiny. To get an import permit for business here is onerous and expensive. Also any commercial import of an electric or other machine operated device requires the importer to pay an outlandish annual fee for a government certification on each model. The Mexican economy could be booming, benefiting ordinary Mexicans but this is stifled by regulations catering to money barons. A few years ago I imported my mobility scooter from the US. I was charged $500 USD by an American broker plus $500 USD by a Mexican broker and I was charged duty on an item which is supposed to be duty free. I was promised official receipts to try recouping some cash which never came....crooked. When I ran a business in Canada, I received my import permit free in one day. I brought 1/4 full containers of microscopes from China, duty free and the broker charged 100 CAD to clear through customs. I also imported and exported regularly with the US with very few costs. I could choose to act as my own broker. Here, Mexicans are discouraged from starting such businesses. If this politics > delete
  6. IPAB current rate; 400,000 UDI x 7.7672 = 3,106,880.00 MXN As far as I know all the local banks have this coverage but they also have the riskier higher paying investments which are not covered. A good question to ask.
  7. Multiva - Total Assets 121,292.81 Trading at 8.39 https://www.reuters.com/markets/companies/GFMULTIO.MX/financials/balance-sheet-annual Actinver Total Assets 102,755.25 Trading at 12.69 https://www.reuters.com/markets/companies/ACTINVRB.MX/financials/balance-sheet-annual
  8. What kind of mushrooms did you have?😎
  9. In real estate listings, I believe all or at least most listings are set in pesos. This does not change with currency fluctuations. The US prices are there only for the mathematically (peso value) challenged gringos.
  10. The way to handle a lot of recycling of materials is to process it locally. Plastic can be turned into building beams and other useful items. It takes a local business or non-profit to get rolling with the equipment. I do not know the current process for cardboard but it can be composted and used as weed blockers in gardening and worms love it.
  11. Thanks for the link. I found another similar company also in the US. Symptoms include door lock malfunction, windshield washers, hard starting [monitor screen intermittent?]. A friend (NOB) who repairs these as well as vehicle computers & ABS modules suggested the cleaning would most likely fix the obvious problems.
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