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  1. We will wait with bated breath for your reply in 5 years. Jajaja
  2. In your search engine, type COMPRAR then the name of the medicine. Farmacia locations then appear for you to click on for more information. EXAMPLE: COMPRAR flutiasona listed Farmacia Similares, GDL Farmacia, Ahorro, MercLibre and more.
  3. In our experience- YES. Message comes on stating this is not a free call, will be charged at international rates.
  4. All of the items that we have purchased through Ebay charged us 10.00US (flat rate no matter cost of item) for delivery to our home in Mexico. The deliveries were handled by Estsfeta in Laredo, Texas, who took them to their location in Nuevo Laredo. I have spoken with Estafeta in Laredo about a package and we discussed that they deliver packages themselves to Nuevo Laredo for delivery to locations within MX.
  5. Customer Service is pretty much a thing of the past no matter where you are.
  6. I broke a shoulder in 2008 with major complications. An orthopedic surgeon from Guadalajara said I needed shoulder replacement surgery. I did not accept that diagnosis and went for 2 other opinions. What I needed was physical therapy. I did that for 8 weeks and recovered with a little limited mobility but absolutely no pain.
  7. I am glad we actually have choices. Like with other issues, it pays to check prices before making a choice.
  8. I stand by what I wrote. I believe the op isn't upset he had to pay duty. He is upset that he had to pay more for duty that the value of the product.
  9. You don't know that it was "snowbirds". As you can see from viewing prior posts on this board, locals IMO, tend to try and find homes for their unwanted pets when they can't take them or don't want to take them with them back NOB. We have locals where I live that have "dumped" their pets when they don't want them anymore. We also have locals where I live that leave their pets out of their yard to run in the street when they go back to their homes in GDL. Some only come on weekends and pets have to fend for themselves while owners are away.
  10. IMO Most people are not upset they have to pay duty, it is that the cost of duty/shipping to lakeside is almost always more than the item/s they purchase.
  11. Too humid for us. We wanted more green in our lives. Electricity too expensive as air conditioning was needed about 8 months a year. Real estate was selling quickly and we had the opportunity to make some money on our home that we built. After years, ready for a change.
  12. We lived in San Carlos, Sonora for 9 years. No problem with "salt air causing corrosion". We did have problems with all of the dust from the beach and dirt roads, though.
  13. https://www.cylex.mx/jocotepec-jocotepec/mi+bodega-11334385.html
  14. kmetzger. - It appears you were given that form at Immigration. How then, could it have been the wrong form? I believe what that form has now changed, bit Immigration would give you what is correct. It is their job!
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