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  1. How about that? An interesting observation. Lexy
  2. Perfect quiet after death?--you don't know that. . . .yet. I'm assuming you're still with us. Lexy
  3. ibarra--that's awful. But I appreciate knowing the possibilities.
  4. bmh--Sorry it didn't help more. My doc also says it can help for about 3 months. I've got some thinking to do. Pain-free for 3 months sounds wonderful. Lexy
  5. Milo--The converging six corners many of us are familiar with are in Ajijic. Lexy
  6. I’d appreciate hearing from anyone with personal experience—positive or negative-- with cortizone injection for spinal pain. PM me or respond here. Thanks. Lexy
  7. Natasha, you speak Spanish. Speak to Senor Google! Lexy
  8. Yesterday I ran into one of the physical therapists I had at Jorge Ulloa’s clinic. He has gone out on his own recently after being on Jorge’s staff for over five years. I thought he was terrific. He is making house calls for PT, massages and personal training, he says, as he sets up his new place. If you’re looking for at-home PT, give him a call. He's a certified physical therapist and personal trainer. His English is perfect. Angel Ruiz: 331 082 4260. Lexy
  9. At last, Bruno's has done an attractive and sensible interior renovation. But those prices! Get used to them. That's how they'll be all around town very soon, with or without the white table cloths. Lexy
  10. Call Rich, the TV Firestick installer. He loves animals and will stay at your place: 33 205 123 98 Lexy
  11. Can someone recommend from personal experience an orthopedist who practices at Lakeside? I already know of Dr Alvaro Gonzalez and Dr. Alvaro Gonzalez Ross. Lexy
  12. And whatta bout me? Am I chopped liver? Really people, some of you have to get a grip. . . . Lexy
  13. Thanks for the info, John. I'll give it all a try.
  14. I ask because I have difficulty walking, am unable to stand in line. Getting there for the new picture is a problem to be solved. Lexy
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