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  1. I'm about to check them out (tomorrow). Thanks.
  2. Thanks, Artsnob--but then I'd have to use one of those shippers. More expensive. If I use local post office, I can return pillows at no shipping cost with a label from Amazon. So all I need is a box. (!) The pillows arrived shrink-wrapped
  3. What is/where is Mexico General?
  4. Hi, everyone. I'm not necessarily looking for a free box. I need to know where to buy one in a place that's easy for me to reach. Does Walmart carry boxed for sale that can be used to mail 2 bed pillows, is my question. I have problems of mobility.
  5. Thanks, chapalence, I know about the west Ajijic recycle center. However, I'm trying to buy a box the easiest possible way I can. A drive to Walmart works for me. So back to my question. . .
  6. I need a mailing box to fit two queen bed pillows. If you know for sure that Walmart in Ajijic/San Antonio carries boxes I can use to mail 2 queen-size pillows in, please let me know. Lexy
  7. I deleted my post as it wasn't pertinent. Please excuse. Lexy.
  8. Can anyone recommend a capable person to do a gas stove repair? None of the burners can be turned down to a proper low flame when needed and food is getting burned. It's not a difficult fix, as shown on the internet, but I don't want to attempt it myself. Landlord's guy was no good. Can anyone give me a name and number of a good person to call, please? I live in Riberas. Lexy
  9. I need the address of the Chapala Post Office, please. I could use directions also. I live in Mirasol, Riberas. Lexy PS: By email I was informed this morning that I needed to mail some forms to the US consulate or I would not receive my March SS check. I filled out the forms and am ready to mail them. ishopp says it doesn't take mail for Guadelajara. So I must get to Chapala p.o. to mail these forms. lexy
  10. I have no advice on route but am wishing you well doing a very kind thing for the dogs. Take care . . . Lexy
  11. Shoshana--My brilliant idea was playful. A joke. Not serious. Foolin' around. Impractical, you got it.
  12. I just had a great idea (which will never see the light of day). What if doctors had to include on their resumes their standing in medical school after graduation. For example: Dr ABC, #1 in class of 450. Or Dr XYZ, #449 in class of 450. Of course, if practice makes perfect maybe that wouldn't be fair? Lexy People: The brilliant idea above is me fooling around. I saw a need to point this out. Lexy
  13. I lived most of my adult life in Manhattan. Anyone seeking medical help there runs the chance of meeting up with both good docs and some very bad ones. Bad ones, like good ones, are everywhere. We just have to be as cautious as we can be. That's life (or sometimes death). I've lived here at Lakeside for over 20 years. Both my husband (now deceased) and I were/are fortunate to have Dr. Hector Briseno as our cardiologist. But we both encountered some godawful physicians here as well as good ones. Sometimes, I've found, trying to warn someone that they are going to a bad doctor is a waste of breath. Lexy
  14. Cyberjack. do you really need someone to suggest that you should voluntarily be giving this gardener some kind of severance pay? He sounds like he was a darn good worker. OK, I suggest: Give the man some cash with a big thank you. As for the other guy, you paid him more than the first guy? Without even a trial? And you did not fire him the first time he left the hose running all night? You kept him around to do it again? Cyberjack, are you trolling us? Lexy
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