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  1. Dale would do the story in a minute. Not an intrusion on the woman driver's privacy. It was a public event, a sudden accident. It could benefit Richie, more than likely--that's the point. And that's what newpaper reporters do for a living. . . .they report. Lexy
  2. I was in bed reading, tired, ready for a nap when I realized my bed was moving. I thought, can it be--there was no doubt that my queen-size bed was really moving, and it lasted a while. I looked over at my dog on his pillow as he lifted his head and looked around, looking puzzled. My clock showed 1:55. It seemed to be noisy outside. Wow . . . Lexy
  3. Artsnob and Lakeside 7--turns out I'm staying put and continuing on with same maid and gardener. Staying in my Mirasol rental. Lexy
  4. Furry Friends is good. Also popular so you might have to wait for an appointment. Here are the numbers I have: tel 376 765 5431 cel 331 439 5856 Av Bugambillias 11, Mirasol Lexy
  5. Can someone who knows for sure tell me what severence pay is for maid and gardener, please. They are in good standing but I must end their employment. Lexy
  6. Meanwhile, back to realty, any news when booster shot will be available at Lakeside? Lexy
  7. Thanks for that current menu, Mostly Lost. High prices, maybe worth it for the quality-beef lovers. But even with the few less expensive items added--they weren't there the day I stopped in thinking it was the old Tony's-- I can't see it as a place that will draw a crowd, especially not a lunch crowd.
  8. After not going to the Original Tony's for quite a while I was shocked to see the wonderful menu of mexican dishes was no more. And worse, the menu focused entirely on high priced beef in various forms, including three beef tacos at 200 pesos! The big place that used to be packed was just about empty. Now I'm watching the very spruced up renovations going on. Somebody with no feel for what works is icharge, is my guess. Lexy Lexy
  9. Where is "canacita"? Lexy
  10. Where is "la cacacinta"? lexy
  11. Oh, a photo op with Dr. V! How thrillin', Happy Jillin'! You look so much better after having you gall bladder ripped out. Glad you're feelin' better. Lexy
  12. Zeb described a miserable visit with Dr. V. Why jump on him for reporting the facts of it? My now deceased husband and I were patients of Dr. Valenzuela on different occasions. My treatment by him included surgery. I found him insufferably arrogant. And that's exactly the word I've heard used by others to describe him. He may be a skillful surgeon. My experience was acceptable. But I wish there were other choices at Lakeside for gastro surgeons. Locally he's what we have. Lexy
  13. Well, speaking and writing Spanish fluently sure does come in handy, doesn't it? You should pat yourself on the back for sticking with those lessons. Glad you shared this story. . . .and loved the happy ending. Lexy
  14. Dottiejane--Yes, you should have made your appointment with the dentist who was highly recommended. He's excellent. I think you've had a horrible experience. But do you want to return to the person who seems to have done a lousy job? I'm not sure if Dr. Barragon can step in on this matter--not sure how staff problems get settled. But you should say something to somebody. Lexy
  15. Thanks so much for these details. Lexy
  16. I know this topic has been covered but a search got me nowhere. What is the easiest way to renew my driver's license? I just noticed it's past due. Can it be done locally? Is there much standing in line or walking to get it done? Lexy
  17. I'm beginning to get fewer pesos in exchange for my dollar in the past few weeks. Are we coming to an end of an unprecedented high that has lasted for quite some time? Lexy
  18. Thank you, Ibarra! I haven't gotten out yet. Starting last eve and all morning long I have been coping with a strange landline problem. It's ok though as person to receive the flowers is away for a few days. But landline problem is weird. Working on it. Lexy
  19. Can anyone name a good florist in the San Antonio/Mirasol/Riberas area? I'd like to have a little plant delivered to some one who helped me with a personal matter (who works in this area). Lexy
  20. Can't get my Dish payment accepted all of a sudden. Anyone else still using Dish having this problem? Tried a few months ago to set up Total Play. After setting up the installation they said they couldn't use my Visa credit cards issued by my US bank. Total fiasco. Spent hours in my house. Have they resolved this problem does anyone know? They said they were working on it. Lexy
  21. I reacted several times to some of the comments by clicking on one of the symbols. I enjoyed the well wishes. Thank you for those. Artsnob's comment that I didn't act my age made me laugh. But truthfully I yearn to be 89 again. Lexy
  22. I remember when Bruno and my husband Larry were often mistaken for each other. Same hat, mustache. Lexy
  23. Al--You should try the place where Pinta used to be in Riberas. They make frames so they should be able to repair yours. Lexy
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