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  1. ibarra--that's awful. But I appreciate knowing the possibilities.
  2. bmh--Sorry it didn't help more. My doc also says it can help for about 3 months. I've got some thinking to do. Pain-free for 3 months sounds wonderful. Lexy
  3. Milo--The converging six corners many of us are familiar with are in Ajijic. Lexy
  4. I’d appreciate hearing from anyone with personal experience—positive or negative-- with cortizone injection for spinal pain. PM me or respond here. Thanks. Lexy
  5. Natasha, you speak Spanish. Speak to Senor Google! Lexy
  6. Yesterday I ran into one of the physical therapists I had at Jorge Ulloa’s clinic. He has gone out on his own recently after being on Jorge’s staff for over five years. I thought he was terrific. He is making house calls for PT, massages and personal training, he says, as he sets up his new place. If you’re looking for at-home PT, give him a call. He's a certified physical therapist and personal trainer. His English is perfect. Angel Ruiz: 331 082 4260. Lexy
  7. At last, Bruno's has done an attractive and sensible interior renovation. But those prices! Get used to them. That's how they'll be all around town very soon, with or without the white table cloths. Lexy
  8. Call Rich, the TV Firestick installer. He loves animals and will stay at your place: 33 205 123 98 Lexy
  9. Can someone recommend from personal experience an orthopedist who practices at Lakeside? I already know of Dr Alvaro Gonzalez and Dr. Alvaro Gonzalez Ross. Lexy
  10. And whatta bout me? Am I chopped liver? Really people, some of you have to get a grip. . . . Lexy
  11. Thanks for the info, John. I'll give it all a try.
  12. I ask because I have difficulty walking, am unable to stand in line. Getting there for the new picture is a problem to be solved. Lexy
  13. Is there a service to renew a person's driver's license? Lexy
  14. I used this place recently and got bifocals and they seem fine, but I actually don't need or use them often. Go see them. They're friendly. I suggest if you are uncertain about the place, don't proceed. Lexy
  15. Hello, all--It was a bit of a go-round but she sent me her gmail address and is making a house call to cut my hair. Gloriadiaz8503@gmail.com I understand she might also have a message on Facebook, but FB is a foreign country to me and I don't travel there.. Lexy
  16. I got no info here to my surprise but heard from other sources.
  17. Gloria worked at Angie's Salon in San Antonio. She was my haircutter. But has left there, I just learned. Por favor, does anyone know where she works now? Lexy
  18. Lakeside 7--Maybe because lots of us have learned that IMSS is not an ideal solution. My husband and I paid to subscribe for years. Used it only for flu shots and other local services just to keep the file open. Time to try to use it--a real hassle. But as Natasha says, the need in this instance was raising the cash--not an easy task on short notice for many of us. Lexy
  19. Dale would do the story in a minute. Not an intrusion on the woman driver's privacy. It was a public event, a sudden accident. It could benefit Richie, more than likely--that's the point. And that's what newpaper reporters do for a living. . . .they report. Lexy
  20. I was in bed reading, tired, ready for a nap when I realized my bed was moving. I thought, can it be--there was no doubt that my queen-size bed was really moving, and it lasted a while. I looked over at my dog on his pillow as he lifted his head and looked around, looking puzzled. My clock showed 1:55. It seemed to be noisy outside. Wow . . . Lexy
  21. Artsnob and Lakeside 7--turns out I'm staying put and continuing on with same maid and gardener. Staying in my Mirasol rental. Lexy
  22. Furry Friends is good. Also popular so you might have to wait for an appointment. Here are the numbers I have: tel 376 765 5431 cel 331 439 5856 Av Bugambillias 11, Mirasol Lexy
  23. Can someone who knows for sure tell me what severence pay is for maid and gardener, please. They are in good standing but I must end their employment. Lexy
  24. Meanwhile, back to realty, any news when booster shot will be available at Lakeside? Lexy
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