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  1. just put the lid back on, please. And thank you for your question.
  2. The Ajijic Recycling Center book Store is growing by leaps and bounds. People love it. Please come and see. And bring your recyclables! Just got a large donation of puzzles; just $20p! Closed Monday 20th.
  3. Recycle Guidelines Keep in mind this list is limited to what buyers have been found for various products. You may think some product are recyclable but if we do not have a buyer for them, we can not accept them. Metals Aluminum and tin cans, iron and steel . Please rinse out the containers. Glass All glass bottles and containers. No lightbulbs, no Pyrex, no safety glass or heavy ornamental glass products. Tetra Pak SORRY, NO CURRENT BUYERS Cardboard All clean cardboard. No heavily waxed cardboard. No heavily soiled cardboard. No greasy pizza boxes. Boxes need to be flattened. Please remove as much tape and staples as possible. Paper SORRY, NO CURRENT BUYERS Plastics If it does not have the recycle logo, we can not recycle it. Even for some that have the logo, we do not have buyers in place that will accept them. We can not accept containers from cooking oils or motor oils. It penetrates the plastic which becomes un-recyclable. Pet 1 We can accept clear, as well as light and dark blue and green. Most water and soft drinks are sold in this type. We can not accept the very thin clam-shell type of containers in which desserts and other food products are sold. They have a recycle logo but we do not have a buyer that will accept them. Rinse, smash and return the lid if possible. Pet 2 We can accept any color with this logo. These are thick multi colored containers that contain things like beach or laundry detergent and other cleaning products. HDPE 2 These are milky white containers that contain milk, vinegar, some yogurt and other products. Please rinse, flatten and return the lid if possible. (Nothing is worst than receiving a container of spoiled milk). 5PP These are filmy translucent containers that electrolyte drinks and other products like medical alcohol are sold in.
  4. We waited over an hour for our food and when we threatened to leave it quickly appeared , all crusty and dried out from a heat lamp.
  5. They own Hola Market and I saw the team thursday.
  6. As long as it is a flat screen, The recycling center in west Ajijic will take it. The older type is not recyclable due to chemicals involved.
  7. We have worked out a solution that allows us to continue to accept plastic if it is sorted out of other recyclables. Thanks Harry
  8. Sorry my friend, it is working. Please come for a tour! We can prove it! We need community support. Please come to volunteer?
  9. A team of volunteers met yesterday to review, discuss and decide on some harsh realities: Most recently we have not been able to find a recycler to accept tetrapacks ( juice, milk boxes), The last one took 600 pounds and gave us 50 pesos. We are still waiting for the bags to be returned. EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY WE CAN NOT TAKE TETRAPACKS. Most recently we have only been able to get .5 pesos for paper. The weight is almost impossible for our volunteers to handle. EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY WE CAN NOT TAKE PAPER. There are some wonderful clients. But, in general the public is unwilling or unable to separate plastics. The quantity and labor are OVERWHELMING, not cost effective. EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY WE CAN NOT TAKE PLASTICS. What does that leave the Ajijic Recycling Center? *Glass. (No auto or window) *Metal CANS. (aluminum / tin) *Cardboard. IF CONDITIONS CHANGE WE WILL IMMEDIATELY ADVISE THE PUBLIC.' PLEASE WATCH OUR FACEBOOK Page Reciclaje de Ribera Chapala / Recycling of Lakeside Chapala FOR ANY CHANGES OR UPDATES THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR KIND COOPERATION HARRY BUBLIN, CENTER DIRECTOR AND YOUR TEAM OF VOLUNTEERS PLEASE VISIT OUR BOOK STORE, YOU WILL BE SURPRISED!
  10. El 17 de agosto el Centro cerrarĂ¡ a las 13h. 17 of August the Center will close at 1p.m. 21 de agosto el Centro estarĂ¡ cerrado 21 of August the Center will be closed
  11. PLEASE recycle. PLastic and paper in one bag / glass and metal in a second. FOOD STUFFS RINSE. Dropoff at the Ajijic Recycling center west Ajijic. Much less garbage
  12. the Delegado is working to do this, Please PM me the address of the cesto that needs to be emptied and I will forward to him.
  13. PLEASE FOLKS COME TO OUR USED BOOK STORE...CLEAN, WELL ORGANIZED, EXTENSIVE, and WELCOMING. We are especially looking for audio books, puzzles, games and of course book donations. Please bring your recycling sorted into just 2 bags...metal/ glass and paper/ plastic. We are waiting to greet you Mon - Sat 9-2 less then one mile west of Pancho's west ,mountain side. 331 571 1327. AND we are handicap accessible with parking!
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