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  1. If you're interested, go to the US Amazon site first. Even with the import fees, it's still about 700 pesos cheaper.
  2. I don't care why it rained, it means I get a few days free from watering!
  3. For reasons that have been discussed elsewhere, I would think twice. Of course, that's just my opinion.
  4. After having a nasty experience with Bellon, I moved to Parker.
  5. I'll try that. Thanks! (will drop a line to let you know if it worked)
  6. Sadly, no. I can't even get to the screen (above) without having to go through every. single. one. of these icons/apps. Worse, they won't clear. Aaaargh. I guess we may just have to reset the Cube or suck it up and use the voice command to get to specific points. It's not perfect, but I'm clueless and it's all I can think of (technodino). Thanks, though. It was worth a try.
  7. This is a weird one. We've been using the Cube with no problems for several weeks now. At the end of the day, hubs goes into the background app to delete the cache. Usually, three or four apps show up (the ones we were using like TVMob, YouTube, etc). Well, this (below) showed up and we have no idea how to close/clear/?? this to go back to a normal screen. Any suggestions? It's not interfering with our usage of the Cube, I just use the voice command to go back to the main screen, etc, but that's obviously not fixing the problem. ETA: We've tried the blocks at the top (close multiple, close all apps) but the next time we open Background, they're all still there. TIA from the technodino
  8. I'm not sure what happened, but I'm able to post pics again. BTW, I LOVED the photos folks attached in their answers!
  9. Ok, another techno question from the technodino. I went to add an attachment to a posting and got the "you have used all of the attachment space you are allowed" at the bottom. I hit manage attachments but don't see any way to delete them. What am I missing? TIA ETA: well, this is interesting. I even tried to delete some old posts and they're still there...except now I'm told I don't have permission to access that post! I thought things dropped of after a certain point but that obviously isn't happening. So, mods, what is one to do when given this attachment notice?
  10. Used her when we first found termites 18 years ago. Cost $1k THEN and it was not well done. She didn't realize I understood Spanish and told my companion that "those foreigners just don't understand..." implying that we were being unreasonable when we kept calling them back because they hadn't done the job well enough (with the equipment ONE man used in the house, I could have done the same thing). When we found Rene, the difference was like night and day. They used the right chemicals, in the right strength, and went deep to get the little mfs. I'm not saying that Carmen isn't good, but she wasn't for us. Pay the difference for Rene; he's worth it.
  11. Another vote for Fu Mi Ga. Rene and his crew are extremely professional and get the job done. He's not cheap, but you very definitely get what you pay for. He's worth every peso.
  12. That was my thought. She sounds small enough that she could go in a travel carrier. Also...what about the folks that bring dogs up to the US (the big red bus?)? I realize that's not necessarily their thing but maybe they could help for a fee or know of someone? Or like Mainecoons, maybe someone heading up by car could help? Could someone foster her for you until arrangements could be made? I'm sorry, but I would sell my blood to make sure my dogs came with me. I'm honestly not judging you, but please consider all options.
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