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  1. No. It will only require moderator approval if you are a new user.
  2. hCaptcha is already installed
  3. I think it is time for a housecleaning of about 5 or so individuals who are simply abusive.  What they all share in common is participation in Inside Lakeside where personal abuse and bullying is the norm.

    Here is what a recent newbie sent me.  I really think this observation is valid.


    I tried to have a conversation but the same people come in and just start insulting everyone they don't like. Why do you not Ban these people?

    I know I am probably done with this board it's the same 4 or 5 people who attack anyone they don't like over and over. This place makes 4chan look nice clean it up please.

    It would be better if you did the house cleaning.  I can give you a list of recommendations.  I think if we take out the most abusive ring leaders the rest will fall in line.  I'd start immediately with "mudgirl" who doesn't even live here.  

    As noted previously, I think you all should just consider shutting this board down for good.  Most people are using Facebook now for local groups.  My personal opinion is this board does not enhance the image Chapala Realty would like to portray.

    Let's discuss.  Over coffee if you like.



  4. Visit the new business directory of El Ojo del Lago! https://directory.chapala.com/
  5. https://issuu.com/ojodellago/docs/april2020 https://www.chapala.com/elojo/april-2020/267-articles-2020/april-2020
  6. Dear David:

    While having breakfast with Dan (Mainecoons) I mentioned that my job as one of the moderators on MexConnect was drying up and asked if he (you) needed moderator help. He suggested I email you and that he believed I could be used.

    I'm not looking for a full time position but would be happy to volunteer to help out on a part time basis.

    Pete Johanson




  7. Can't find Mailbox ?

  8. "Like this": the Like This functionality is a bit crippled, in my opinion, so I wonder if you agree. There is a setting in the admin controls to show the user names when "Like this" is selected in a topic.

    This was a function of the previous software and it worked well; it has never been turned on with this newer software. Simply having a count of Likes does none of us really any good; we'd all like to see who our "friends" are. Would it be alright to ask if you could review my request for potential inclusion? Many thanks.... Mike


  9. I am wondering why my online/board name seems to have changed from Orygun Duck to stevemoore45 (my log-in/user name).  Was it something I inadvertently did?  Is there any way to get my original name back?  (This recent change provides very little privacy and I hope it can be corrected.)  Thanks

  10. Please post at classifieds section your ítems for sale.

    Thank you

    1. lavagabunda33


      How do I put a stove for sale in the classifieds? Tks.


  11. Unable to use " like" button. When I try screen says I have used all Ten of my daily " likes" when I have used none at all. Dan Houck said you are the only one who can fix what he called a "software glitch". I really enjoy " liking helpful and positive responses. Hope you can help, thank you.

  12. I am trying to place an advertisement to be in the next El Ojo Del Lago magazine, but it won't allow me to send the ad content to their email address.

    what am I doing wrong?


    lester Segel




  13. Please restore my member name "Cortland" that I post under.  The new system only shows my login name - "appleyard"

    1. Cortland


      Sorry - I made an error in my first message. My login name is applecart.  But I want my member name "Cortland" to show when I post

  14. Would you or someone please tell us why the format was changed?  The new one is difficult to read, the white is annoying, the speed is slow, and almost everyone liked it the way it was.

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