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  1. El Charro, Teocintle and Barra Mar all close at 10pm.
  2. I'm curious: Is Freemasonic Lodge still a boy's club?
  3. Lily H

    Vegan Town

    Turn south from Vinos America and turn right on the first block.
  4. Do not ever read your rambling. Very happy just to see your line that you're "going to sleep!!!" Should be good idea to you and others.
  5. Best idea you've had here! Sleep for two weeks to rest up without rambling. No need to come back here soon.
  6. Charlie Munger said beginning of this year, "If I can be optimistic when I'm nearly dead, surely the rest of you can handle a little inflation."
  7. https://heartofawareness.org/public/index.php Address: Guadalupe Victoria #101, Ajijic
  8. Or now rent the Mexico last president's luxury jet.
  9. "Some hospitals have even asked to see the deed to the patient's house". In reality, some US hospitals may ask for pay stubs or monthly mortgage payments when a patient files for payment assistance, never house deed. Provide facts to your statement.
  10. This isn't your first year here. How did you file your tax all the previous years?
  11. Pancho's will get it for you when you show them a photo of the bottle.
  12. Maybe a chainsaw under your bed besides a butcher knife in your night stand drawer?
  13. Dr. Daniel Briseno At Quality Care 376 766 1870 332 785 0259 (331) 252-0429 danielbriseno@yahoo.com
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