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  1. We did it ourselves along with our gardener.
  2. This board has become like kids in the schoolyard ...grow up!! What a horrible experience, so sad that happened yet again. Our world seems to have become such an angry place
  3. We changed all our gardens over to drought resistant plants and covered all the earth with lava rock. Never a problem with scorpions but we do have Fumiga spray outside every 6 months
  4. I'm sorry but you get zero sympathy from me. Your dog that you have had from a baby and is now a senior will not do well with being re homed.. find a way to take your responsibility seriously. Would you give away your child because it was difficult to arrange transportation? Come on......
  5. Thanks all but no Cuban or China booster for me. I'll go north. Thanks a bunch for all replys
  6. Does anyone know if COVID boosters are available here at Lakeside?
  7. I had a terrible experience at SA HOSPITAL. I arrived at my scheduled time at 8 am. I was taken to a room at the end of the hall, an IV was put in my arm and I was hooked up to the machine. The nurse left the room and closed the door. I was not given a buzzer and nobody came to check on me ...after 4 hours I was frantic and yelling as loud as I could for a nurse. Nobody came. Finally a young man came and wheeled me down to the surgical area where I waited another hour in the hall because the anesthesiologist was late! Finally he arrives and the spinal surgery begins. I wake up in the e operating room laying on my stomach, fully awake, hearing every word the surgeon us saying, hearing the team scrub up in the ajoining room!! I am paralyzed and cannot speak or move. That is the last thing I remember until I wake up in the recovery room. I remember thinking...I boy, I'm in serious trouble here!!!! After the surgery, I spent one night in the hospital, again very poor nursing care. The final straw was upon discharge the bill was three times more than the surgeon had quoted!!! And after one year the surgery failed and i recently had a second surgery, this time in Guadalajara Country 2000 Hospital where the care was perfect, the surgeon a masterful talent and the bill was one third of what SAN ANTONIO charged. Stay away from that place! I wouldn't take my dog there!
  8. Perhaps could it be student housing as the new campus for university is going to right there as well. No more comments....."You live in Haciendas...way out there,? We are now considered Centro! 😊
  9. Go see Gabriela at Farmex....it's the plaza just west of Panchos in Riberas. She can get almost anything and everything. She will help you.
  10. Agree. He and his father were not at all reliable
  11. Natasha and Honey Bee ...interesting! Thanks for sharing
  12. On your income taxes? We have for the past 12 years and last year RCA denied the claims stating that the receipts had to be translated to English and notarized!! We are challenging them but so far not much luck. We submit our medical expenses, dental etc. We have not claimed non resident status of Canada and therefore file an income tax every year with CRA. Jyat wondering about fellow Canucks?
  13. Totally agree with the above advice, it's a nice easy drive. You will be fine. Good luck fellow Canuck!
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