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  1. Where? Safe and nice, yes...but "quiet"??
  2. Same here! But...that's one reason we bought in this location. No buses or trucks!
  3. Forgot to mention that I think they would benefit by making a name change. Too much damage to their reputation was made by the previous owner.
  4. One problem: Some of us don't like turkey and welcome an alternative!
  5. BisbeeGal posted on TOB today. Good to know she's still around.
  6. Nevermind "Grandma" advice. Personally, I appreciate a well described negative review since it saves me from the experience of going there myself.
  7. My experience with Dr. Moya was when he had the Joco office. And yes, too expensive. My biggest problem was with the "clinic" he used in Guadalajara. I was over-anesthetized with the result of my getting crazy enough to be sent home the same day that they did the stent. Fortunately, the stent worked as it should. There are doctors at Quality Care who are there more than once a week. I am happy with Dr. Hector Briseno, their cardiologist.
  8. I had other reasons for moving to Mexico, but I have been very pleased with the health care. My misfortunes have required several hospitalizations and surgery, with satisfactory results. Can't say the same for the U.S.
  9. We should all be so lucky as to be both lucid and irreverent until the end. I'll miss Pedro.
  10. Once upon a time I had a job with the government (US) which required knowledge of what constituted an employer-employee relationship, as opposed to the person being self-employed. From what I know, many of these occasional workers meet the definition of "self-employed" rather than having an "employee" relationship with the person who pays them. (In the case of many occasional cleaning people, the person paying them does nothing to direct how they work.) I do agree that it may be best to consult an attorney about this.
  11. In the case of having one lady who works 4 hours on one day a week, and who has many others who use her services...is she considered my "employee" re this new law or is she "self employed"? (I very much doubt she reports her earnings under any label)
  12. I'm a long time member, Logged in: no commercials. Good material.
  13. I checked out the various areas including the gated ones and found a place that checked my boxes more than the others. I like my quiet street in Ajijic Centro since the services tend to be reliable and I can walk to most things I need. My area is mixed and my Mexican neighbors are considerate and tolerant of us Gringos. IMHO, it depends on how many of your boxes get "checked".
  14. I was suffering from lung and heart problems. Dr. Hector Briseno checked me into the SAT hospital. They hooked me up to their machines for both conditions and apparently saved my life. I have no complaints.
  15. True about the air being helped by the brick kiln outlawing. However, the traffic is, if possible, worse than ours! In any case, the altitude is tough on anyone with health problems, which is the main reason I left, to be honest.
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