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  1. Dr Laura 33 3570 0262 Dr Ladrone’s 33 1007 0524
  2. Processor 3.1GHz QC i5, Intel Iris Pro Graphics 6200, 8GB RAM memory, 1TB hard drive, mouse, English keyboard. Cleaned ready for new setup. OS Big Sur. IOS version 12.6 Mxn$ 9500 OBO Call 33 37 22 23 51 for questions, pick up or delivery. Leave message at 376 766 2722
  3. Paid taxes online. Can’t find the website to pay the refrendó. Can you post it please? TIA
  4. Tepehua Treasures thrift store in Riberas (on lakeside in the block before Pemex, next to Computerland), have a large selection of goldie oldies LP and 45 records for sale. Open Monday to Saturday 12-3pm. Too many to display, but ask for them.
  5. Good idea I’ll suggest he do that. Thanks
  6. Does anyone know of a government service or a charity who can help with housing for a wheelchair bound man and his teenage son? His disability pension is tiny but he would be willing to work. His spoken English is fairly good. The son is at Conalep for another year. TIA
  7. Maybe they will be able to accept Canadian Insurances other than Provincial Health Care ie private insurance or veteran's or something. They used to be in Riberas on the lakeside of the carretera.
  8. Never mind, they will not accept patients with Mexican insurance, only US or Canadian. Nice new premises, though.
  9. Lakeside Med has just opened their new office today across from SuperLake beside Bellon Insurance. Can anyone recommend a primary care doctor there?
  10. This is all good information, thank you.
  11. Thank you, especially for the contact information.
  12. Since we sadly lost Polo from LCS, can anyone recommend a local audiologist?
  13. Can anyone give a recommendation for a really really good roof repair contractor? We need one who can provide scaffolding rather than working from ladders. TIA
  14. I was told by a GP who was there that they changed the aloha grouping today to A-L and tomorrow will be M-S, Saturday T-Z. But he assured me that he had asked and that G would be allowed tomorrow.
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