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  1. For the past 7+ years, we have ordered from Costco through Lakeside Shopping Services. We pay no membership fee, we don't have to pay for transportation to Guad and the order is delivered to our door. Really nice folks, too.
  2. But is he reliable? One you recommended in the past was good, but flakey.
  3. Yes, Dr. Michel (sp?) at Quality Care is thorough and communicative.
  4. It is a long walk, though. And a spendy taxi ride. We don't all have cars.
  5. Still grumpy about the coal in your stocking, CrabbyPants?
  6. And, once again, you have irritated me - and others - with your ill-informed, self-serving bloviating.
  7. Curious about where you are reading this David. The last posting on this board about dog poisoning was 3 years ago, so hardly a news flash.
  8. Citations, please. Without, it is just more negative speculation.
  9. Ah, I will miss him and his photos, though I seldom agreed with him.
  10. Highly recommend GP Doctora Jessica Flores, Cel 331-050-4287. She is located in Ajjijic, Guadalupe Victoria 101-C (close to Bugambilias Mall).
  11. Didn't you threaten Gosha's with that not so very long ago?
  12. kam

    Membrillo Ajijic

    Their choice, not stupid.
  13. Words. I think "vexatious litigators" would be an extremely cool name for a rock band. You'd have to get David's permission, of course, or he would sue you.
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