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  1. Citations, please. Without, it is just more negative speculation.
  2. Ah, I will miss him and his photos, though I seldom agreed with him.
  3. Highly recommend GP Doctora Jessica Flores, Cel 331-050-4287. She is located in Ajjijic, Guadalupe Victoria 101-C (close to Bugambilias Mall).
  4. Didn't you threaten Gosha's with that not so very long ago?
  5. kam

    Membrillo Ajijic

    Their choice, not stupid.
  6. Words. I think "vexatious litigators" would be an extremely cool name for a rock band. You'd have to get David's permission, of course, or he would sue you.
  7. But Google won't pay attention to him, it only provides answers.
  8. Have you even tried Goggle or the phone directory?
  9. The name of the cafe is SAVTA - Hebrew for Grandmother
  10. I had knee replacement surgery in January at SAH. My doctor was Dr. Gonzalez (Sr.). I recommend both the doctor and the hospital.
  11. Really? Where did you learn this? Such excellent news.
  12. 331-556-0828 cell / US 805-683-4848 / Mx 765-7553. www.chapalalaw.com
  13. https://rcip.org.mx/azucenabatemancampos/
  14. Sorry to hear that - best wishes for speedy healing. Amazon(mx) has caftans - https://www.amazon.com.mx/s?k=caftan&i=fashion-womens&__mk_es_MX=ÅMÅŽÕÑ&ref=nb_sb_noss
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