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  1. Having problems with their web site. I can get it to respond in English but the upgrades for seats & baggage are a black hole. Even their 1 800 number is busy. Just a odd ball thought, are solar flares active at the moment? Has anyone with a Residenté Permenante found a work around to avoid paying the Tourist Tax now c$80.00 per person. Maybe I should be booking thru a local Chapala Travel agency?
  2. Perhaps a list would be in order (for people like me) to keep the various projects identified by a common name & location: 1. La Pueblita: via Hidalgo and Carr Jocotepec-chapala/México 23 19min West from Riberas 2. Hotel y Condos en el Lago de Chapala El Dorado: is next to the Radisson, duh! 3. A nameless facility on/near the waterfront in La Foresta. Still Nameless 4. Punto Laguna: A Condo, part Commercial part Residential now named, by the Coke Cola Plant in St Antonio Over to the masses for their edits Thanks
  3. No offence taken. Well a Potty was actually the 1st thing that came to mind, have seen several modified chairs for an underside addition. This is a different image of a similar or same thing? Always hard to tell what may have occurred without the additional images. As to the addition, that's up to ### currently ensconced on the throne. Still a nice piece, which was my only intent. Have a good day.......
  4. Looks very comfy, once finished with appropriate cushions, leave the wear points! (not the seat) possible remnants of a flower pot??
  5. When Travel Time on 1 leg of each visit can be an excessive cost. Hence most Pool Guys drive trucks, supply all chemicals, and tools charging 200-250± You can win due to high chemical costs to owner, so less of his own chemistry is more $$ to both?? We were turned down at 100 a visit. Too Busy was the response. I agree with u'r last para!
  6. Simple math: 2200/8 = 275/visit + your chemical costs & tools Simple math: 1600/8 = 200/visit + your chemical costs & tools Depending on the size of a pool & the knowledge necessary to use expensive chemicals, I would suggest that 100 a visit is ample payment for 1 hour or a part of, on a good day. So both the above are quite expensive unless "your chemical costs & tools" is not part of the equation? Nice Pool MC
  7. Well well, a 31 numeric in 5 groups? Not a number to remember with out a large type Reference. There is another number above which matches my CFE account number. So I guess the gods of Mexican Administrative Favours were with us. HOW is a good question that I will ignore for the foreseeable future. They did get me for a borrowed & returned meter many years ago, some $2,600 mxp. Now caged in 15mm solid steel rod. Very noisy to remove. The 2nd group does total 13 the rest look like invoice dates etc? Go figure!
  8. If I may ask, where on my current CFE bill would I find the RFC (Alphabet Soup)
  9. There is another just a km or 2 beyond. They are mountain side, signage was indicating where & parking available. Beautiful display garden by the Entrance
  10. For the last week or two? Surprised that no one had raised the fact? And it rained last Night
  11. I believe they are still overwelmed on the uploading of data. After adding an additional traveler the upload would get to 12% then finish with the message "Upload failed" Tried 6x before leaving it alone for a couple of hours, retried & got the OK. That's when it got interesting, tried to input the Departure info & was blocked from giving our dates, realized that the old Entrance Standards required that the test be conducted 72 hrs in advance. Well OK, but the new standard does not require a PCR, so why not allow the data to be completed. It could easily withhold Official Verification until the 72 hr window & send it to you requiring acknowledgement of No Symptoms? So now we wait for the final countdown then wait again & wait again. I worked in just about every mayor airport in Canada. I had a short statement that fully describes the departure process: "Boarding interruptess, how many times am I going to be unnecessarily stopped & questioned or asked to show a boarding pass yet again? Now the process has expanded to the Pre-pre boarding & that's before I even have ordered the cab. Aeromexico has added a space between Aero & Mexico. Any idea how much it costs to repaint a plane, never mind all other documents a corporation handles.
  12. Rec'd a Notice of Entry Requirements that incorrectly stated that Travellers Must Have PCV Test. WRONG called this newly named airline & it's agent confirmed that if fully vaccinated NO PCV test was required. That is not the way the notice read! I won't rant any further about the ArrivCAN app. What a waste of our money & time. Be aware their tested app is NOT tested: extreme patience is required!
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