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  1. We usually buy our shoes in Jocotepec. At the top of the plaza there is a street going south with many shoe stores on it, also Northeast corner of plaza has nice shoe store.
  2. We often go to the El Jardin for people watching and breakfast. The restaurant is one of the better options available but I still would have preferred Salvador's.
  3. I totally agree about Salvador's. It was our breakfast option Lakeside. They had a good breakfast menu, excellent prices and tasty food. Have searched but never found a lakeside replacement for them. I am surprised, with all the restaurants in Ajijic there is not a restaurant with a good menu, good food and a reasonable price.
  4. I really enjoyed these photo's! Hope you had a great meal afterwards with some good wine.
  5. I am surprised by Ian's position on restaurant critiques as he probably knows more about restaurants than anyone on this board. Critiques both good and bad are vital to the industry as not only is there an obligation to provide a fair report on a restaurant but there is an obligation to provide the public with unfavorable views of the restaurant. These reviews provide me valuable information about my eating choices. While these reviews may cost the restaurant monies, it (might) encourage them to provide better service and food but best of all it may save me from a bad experience and waste of my eating monies.
  6. When I first crossed paths with Happyjillin, I thought he was an axxhole and I still think he was to a certain extent. Later, I decided he often said things to just stir things up and I enjoyed the controversies. He was knowledgeable about many things and was quick to let us know this. I really liked his food photos and his food comments. The board is going to be a lot more boring without him and I am going to miss his perspectives. He always had an opinion and my opinion is as the Aussies say (good on you, pedro).
  7. If its turning itself off than 90% of the time its the temperature sensor. Yes, call the technicians, they will need to order a new one. If you are technically talented you can do this yourself.
  8. I agree with what you say. The tamales arrive wrapped so no problem there. Although I probably don't want to see her kitchen and the taco's, they have water and appears to be a clean operation. I agree with husband some of these stands have very good food. I think we gringo's sometimes overlook a Mexican way of life. I was told long ago to eat the Mexican street food where the Mexican's eat. My Mexican wife doesn't totally agree, she enjoys the fine dining
  9. I have ate at every cafe, restaurant, food stand in Riberas and the best eating is---- a young woman with several kids sells tamales at the Oxxo/Pemex corner from 6:30 pm mon-fri until sold out. She has corn,pollo, and pork tamales at 15 pesos each. I don't usually like tamales but these are good. My favorite is the corn. Across the carrettera from her a young man starts preparing tacos and other fast foods on a large grill around 7 pm. It is mostly to go but the store front opens up and their is seating on a platform. I enjoy eating tacos with a coca cola in this semi-open space. To me these two are the best eating in Riberas and at a reasonable price.
  10. Rich Gringo's. I pay our gardener $1,100 pesos a month and he comes twice a week spending one to 2 hours on each visit. He has his own tools and does an excellent job. When we are not there, about half the time, he sends photos of the trees and flowers. He likes to eat lunch with his wife in our beautiful garden when we are not there. Our neighbor told on him but I thought why should he not enjoy his work. He does not speak English but my Mexican wife solves this problem. We have had him for 5 years. No, I will not provide name or contact information.
  11. I have a walnut and marble bedroom suit from the 1850's. It came from a Louisiana plantation and a newspaper here in Oklahoma did an article on it. As you know bed length's were shorter back in those days and as I am 6'1' a great fit it is not. I had a special mattress and box springs made for it. The bed is shorter and wider than a regular size.
  12. It takes a minor miracle to get a security deposit back in Mexico and minor miracles for this don't happen. If she is only asking for 2 months rent feel fortunate and pay up. I find it hard to believe neighbors and management are harassing you for no reason. I find all my neighbors to be friendly and helpful. Outside of you I don't remember anyone on this board complaining about being harassed. Sometimes neighbors make loud music and than its me harassing them but they forgive me.
  13. A man is middle aged when he starts looking at the mother instead of the daughter.
  14. We need someone to move one piece of furniture and many boxes from Mexico City to Ajijic. If you know someone who will do at a reasonable rate, please let me know. gracias
  15. It is strange a person who has lived in Ajijic for more than 20 years now joins the forum to defend O'Rourke. If I didn't know better, I would think propaganda has now started.
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