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  1. I didn't notice names at places but there were 3 in Riberas we ate at. All on the south side of the carretera. The first one was west of Mom's by the flower nursery. With our meal we received 6 or 7 condiments to make it tastier. The second was in the block west of the catholic church, about the middle of the block. There I had berria. The third one is east of Food Container almost beside it. This one is only open on Saturday and Sunday. They had large grill in front and sold a lot of food to go. All were good and I am eating at one again today.
  2. My Mexican daughter- in- law who is a chef in Germany is visiting us. We have taken her to several of the considered better restaurants Lakeside and she told me she could eat these kind of foods in Germany. She wanted to eat with the Mexican people. Average cost for 3 people with standard meal and soft drinks was $750 pesos at these restaurants. We decided to go to Mexican cafes along the Carretera which had both indoor seating and outdoor seating. Even though we sat outside we wanted indoor seating as they probably had water to wash the dishes. We had good meals at everyone with plentiful condiments. Average cost for 3 people with soft drinks was $250 pesos. I couldn't believe it was this cheap. I had received bad meals at three of the so called good restaurants. I will be eating with the working class Mexicans a lot more,
  3. All this bashing of Wallmart. People seem to forget their are a few things at Walmart they cannot get any where else and usually at low prices. Sure we have Pancho's, Super Lake and the Garage but look at what prices they charge. You won't find any bargains. I for one is happy Walmart is here and it is my handy bank when I need money from the states. MoneyGram is a very cheap way of getting close to actual money exchange rates here.
  4. I stand corrected. The store I went to has two entrances. One entrance has COSTCO above it and the other has Fresh Market. I went in the COSTCO side and didn't really see the Fresh Market sign. Both sign's are about the same size. I too wonder about them using the COSTCO signage but either way it was a nice store.
  5. Sign outside says COSTCO, Fresh Market I believe is further West on the carrettera. This is very near Food Container like a couple stores down. What I believe is fresh market is a long ways from their.
  6. We shopped at Costco Riberas today and I was pleasantly surprised at the variety of things offered. Most were of larger size. They had cereals, bottled and canned products and paper products. Fresh vegetables and fruit and refrigerated dairy products. Store was very clean and prices reasonable. It is located on carreterra west of Food Container..
  7. When I tell people the number of restaurants in the Chapala-Ajijic area, they look at me in disbelief. Unfortunately, the number of good restaurants I can count on two hands.
  8. There is a misconception about USDA inspected meat. Just because it is USDA inspected does not mean the meat comes from the United States. Cattlemen in the USA have tried to get legislation to show where the beef comes from but so far this has not happened. So the USDA steak could come from Mexico, Canada or anywhere. There are government inspectors but meat processors can apply to be their own inspectors and apply the USDA certification. So the steak you buy may not be USA meat and may not even be government certified. Here in Mexico I would buy Sonora steaks just as quickly as USDA certified ones. Costco probably knows where their steaks come from but I am sure many suppliers do not.
  9. The NOB real estate market has slowed due to the interest rate hikes but houses haven't really started down yet. Homes are still being sold to cash buyers. Good luck on your return to the states, I am sure you will miss Mexico. People in the states grow more divided and obnoxious every year. We spend half our time in Mexico and half in the states, need to adjust this to more in Mexico. Hope you have a happy landing!
  10. We pay our maid 80 pesos an hour plus lunch and she works 4 hours a day, 3 days a week. She has worked for us for 5 years and will be getting a raise with the coming year.
  11. I never appreciated (European Vacation Movie) until I got in large round about's in Europe. I'm not sure I want other Lakeside!!!!
  12. We usually buy our shoes in Jocotepec. At the top of the plaza there is a street going south with many shoe stores on it, also Northeast corner of plaza has nice shoe store.
  13. We often go to the El Jardin for people watching and breakfast. The restaurant is one of the better options available but I still would have preferred Salvador's.
  14. I totally agree about Salvador's. It was our breakfast option Lakeside. They had a good breakfast menu, excellent prices and tasty food. Have searched but never found a lakeside replacement for them. I am surprised, with all the restaurants in Ajijic there is not a restaurant with a good menu, good food and a reasonable price.
  15. I really enjoyed these photo's! Hope you had a great meal afterwards with some good wine.
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