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  1. Several months ago I was in line at the CI bank in the mall, as usual, only one of the ATMs appeared to be working. A little older lady appeared to be having some difficulty working the machine…. Eventually, she left the glass boot while attempting to deal with her cash, her wallet and purse. The next guy in line said…. They should have an ATM just for a little old ladies… she made eyeiContact with him and said maybe they should have one for ###….les as well …everyone in line laughed except….p
  2. I ‘m making a tropical fruit strudel for a dinner party …would like some kiwis for colour…anyone seen any lately ?…thanks.
  3. You are confusing, black rice with wild rice…. Black rice is an extremely nutritious rice found in Asia, of which there are several varieties that tend to be purpleish in colour
  4. Dostortas mentioned several that would have been on my list….we live up the mountain in Las Salvias which does get some noise from the village …not enough to bother us ,as one moves west Rancho del Oro ,Villa Nova and so forth tend to become quieter .Friends of ours live in upper and lower Chula Vista as well as parts of east La floresta they also are happy with the noise levels…l could go one but I am a slow typer and have a busy life so….
  5. Bought one yesterday at Walmart …. Not necessarily cheap two metres….1800pesos …. my daughter paid about the same in Florida over the weekend .
  6. Lakeside 7…at this rate Lakeside must be ranked as one of the most polluted noise & exhaust fumes areas……as compared with ? A master plan… one of many classical failures…...Probably one of the most ridiculous statements ..even on this web board . If things are so bad perhaps you shouldn’t be here .
  7. Blanket generalizations without personal specific knowledge tend to be useless……just because you are unaware of relatively quiet neighborhoods does not mean they don’t existed…several of our friends live in them…
  8. Perhaps I should have said comparatively quiet by Mexican standards… Only Death brings perfect quiet…so maybe careful what you wish for…..
  9. There are many nice , quiet,safe neighborhoods Lakeside….why make comments like this when you don’t even live here ?
  10. Thank you Bandolier…I am having trouble reaching you… Our home phone is 334 302 9055.
  11. Thanks….found them at Panchos west this morning
  12. Usually just before thanksgiving no problem ….didn’t see any this weekend…..has everyone seen any ?
  13. I always preferred the food at El Jardin , plus the people watching….
  14. Carnivore….seems to me you’re not having much luck with dinner lately…..maybe it’s time you came to our house…providing of course you don’t write a review …promise no liver and fave beans .
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