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  1. How's this for poor communication: tried to cancel an appt. by email for 5 days with no response! Great medical facility, but needs help in email dept.!
  2. I don't know the answer to his question, either. I thought you might. Enough, okay?
  3. The "search" function had no information, so would it hurt you to have provided Patrick an answer?
  4. Did you read the post regarding Sol y Luna's policy on box sharing??
  5. Who knows the final fate of the Radisson? However, we drive by frequently and see that there at least a few workers busy there.
  6. Yes to the first post. As to cost of visit, the cost of getting to a doc in Guad needs to taken into account.
  7. It's good to hear you're enjoying your meals! Carry on!!😏
  8. As you said on TOB, you are not referring to "dining". Just "eating"....eh?😉
  9. Yep. I see you're back to Gosha's. I have no complaints about their food and servers: We mostly went for dinners, and can't get past having our reservations ignored for three times in a row, and getting no reply to my asking why (politely).
  10. For getting glasses, I recommend the optometrist, Salvador, on the street behind the Ajijic PLAZA.
  11. It's on the same frontage road as Yves, Dental Express and the therapy. West of Ajijic.
  12. Sure enough, they do fold....but basic problem continues.
  13. Yes, our back seat flips down, but that doesn't help in this case. It's the weight that's a problem, and getting it (and me) in and out is the other problem. Up steps? Forgeddaboutit. It's okay...just the natural problems that come with physical limitation. My post was directed at someone who simply fails to understand why chairs with no arms are a problem for old, and or, disabled people. There are plenty of good restaurant options with good food AND chairs with arms to grab when getting up. Yves, El Ancla and upstairs at La Estacion are some of my faves. Their chairs have arms!!😉
  14. Lucky you! But then, my old hubby's back isn't what it used to be and I get around pretty well with my walking stick.
  15. I would do that, but putting one in a Honda Fit ain't easy! (Buying the Fit preceded needing the wheelchair)
  16. Obviously, you are not a disabled senior who is careful to avoid chairs without arms.
  17. Thanks.............aww dang!
  18. Drove by today and from the outside, it looks like the chairs don't have arms... difficult for disabled folks. Anyone know differently?
  19. I apologize. That was apparently an old number on my reference card. I checked with my spouse, and the current number is 331 459 0784. He keeps the phone with him, and if he doesn't answer, it saves your number and he'll call you back a.s.a.p.
  20. What do you consider the NON Gringo price per hour?
  21. Just in general: (And this applies to all the "handymen" we've used over 12plus years: ) If you have a big paint job, buy your own favorite brand of paint. The workers tend to buy the product they like, which probably won't be what you'd choose. Personally, I like Sherwin Williams paint, especially the new store on the East side.
  22. Please see Pappysmarket's post and my reply. Your question was answered.
  23. Chuy did some electrical work for us this morning and when asked about his hourly rate, he said that depending on the job, he usually averages 100 pesos an hour.
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