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  1. Just read up on the place and the reviews are very mixed.
  2. We drove there after lunch yesterday, but although it wasn't locked and when my husband went in, there was no one around and no one in the kitchen. There was a menu under the name of d'Shanti. We found some information on the Web that said it opens for lunch at 1 pm. Anyone know more about this new place?
  3. What is the story on the Carreterra trees with red-orange blossoms, now in full bloom?
  4. I think I'll take the clothes to Tepehua Treasures. Whoever suggested the Red Cross didn't seem to have all the facts.
  5. Thanks for the suggestion. What landmarks is Tepehua Treasures near, please.
  6. Someone on this board suggested that it would be better to take clothes to the Red Cross than to the various resale places like Mia's Boutique. I'll call them to make sure before taking anything to them.
  7. I want to donate some clothes. Where is the Red Cross nearest Ajijic?
  8. I lived in SMA for 3 years. Terrible traffic even then!
  9. Where do you find is the best place to donate clothes?
  10. The point being well made in this thread is that Mia's Boutique is not doing right by those who consign things there. Does anyone have experience to share about So Chic?
  11. Speaking of "handicap parking"...there are 4 or 5 spaces reserved for that on the "taxi" side area of the plaza. Are there EVER any spaces left for people who are actually in need of them? HAH!! So far, never!!! Sadly, I am forced to conclude that too many people care only for themselves.
  12. My spouse and I have been getting pizza at La Estacion, upstairs from Pancho's east place. We like the semi-vegetarian one (with chicken) but between my difficulty getting up there (mobility problem) and their loud "music", we'd like to find an alternative. Preferably ground floor with parking close. Anyone suggest one and how to get there?
  13. There is another Fresh Market with a Costco sign well West of Ajijic.
  14. How about keeping your cart in front of you and never turning around to the point where others can access it? I've noticed that some people even leave their handbags in the cart and wander well away to check out shelves. I've never lost anything from a cart and only use handbags that hang over my shoulder, made of heavy yarn cord that just about can't be sliced open. In other words, common sense is the best protection.
  15. We only needed a regular sized mattress, but it looked like all sizes were available. Many to look at.
  16. On the other hand, how can we complain about more people moving to Mexico when we read about the rise in the cost of living in the U.S. now?
  17. There is a large variety of mattresses at reasonable prices at UOU in West Ajijic. We bought one last year. As for getting rid of the old one, it's amazing how fast it disappears if placed out front. In our case, overnight.
  18. Traffic? My spouse commuted to his job in central Los Angeles for years. Up to two hours on the freeways. Now THAT'S traffic. One usually learns patience. Good music helps. Since we've observed it, the number of Mexicans on the road greatly exceeds the Gringos...so it isn't a Babyboomer issue. We moved to Mexico from CA over 18 years ago. The three "C" factors were important. The way things are now, no regrets! If we hadn't dropped Medicare, the cost over the years would have exceeded what we've spent on medical care in Mexico, including several short hospitalizations. We went back once for a family funeral and couldn't believe the cost of lunch, along with a definite negative attitude increase among the populace. BTW, it's important to be aware of the "normal" noise level before moving into a neighborhood, eh? Ours ain't bad.
  19. There is none. Those who don't want to go to Guadalajara use Lakeside Shopping Service, which takes your list on the net and buys what you want from Costco, then delivers to your door and charges a reasonable fee for their service. I've used them for years. Very satisfactory, and costs less in the end than driving to Guad and having the traffic to deal with.
  20. We're not in a condo situation, but so far, anything we put out on the street disappears in no time...all the way from mattresses to chairs.
  21. As sarcasm, it works. The trouble is that it's so close to reality!
  22. All this means is that Mexico's government has failed in its efforts to defeat the cartels and their culture of profiting from drug sales. In other words...the bad guys won. And NO, I personally can't wish the cartels controlled 100%!!!
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