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  1. Our bank quit asking for security code email to send to. We were forced to get a US phone number so we got it through T Mobile. 48 US a month but can use it México US and Canada. We have had to use it several times for a US verification code and also to call us a code on a US number. It has come to where you can’t do anything with your US accounts or other businesses that they will have to verify who you are by sending a code. Majic Jack won’t work as they can tell it is voice over internet and not a real cell phone number to send a code to. It’s just getting harder and harder to do US business with any company.
  2. So Elegante has taken over La Ancla?
  3. We had an appointment also and we told the lady at the entrance desk to check documents. Sent to the back of the line. 🥴
  4. The best is just west of the Waffle House. Excellent work mountain side.
  5. Also have seen not good reviews for ATT. Dead spots in the mountain roads. I don’t have ATT so I cannot comment except what others have said.
  6. For a 5 a m departure is the immigration person open 24 hours to stamp our passport opt of México. We have to arrive very early before the flight leaves at 5 a m.
  7. I think you only need a Constancia to purchase a car as they give you a factura. If factura not needed no need Constancia.
  8. Will Facebook messenger use data when I have data off and only using wifi. I know it sounds dumb but when I am only on wifi only and open Facebook it says your carrier May charge you for using instant messenger.
  9. I just don’t want to use data when I instant message.
  10. True. I use wifi through TelMex but using wifi telcel does not charge me. I just don’t know what instant messaging is and if telcel would charge me to use it.
  11. Free calling. Free wifi. Free text. 1 gb data. Hardly ever turn on data. Almost always use wifi.
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