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  1. Dr. Gorge Gonzalez does shoulder replacements here. No experience. his specialty is knee. Hip and shoulder surgery. San Antonio Hospital.
  2. When you say 19% rate what is that based on? The cost of the item? Ie. If an item is 100 dollars do they charge 19 dollars to bring it here?
  3. I think Luis west of Panchos in Riberas can get you an English keyboard you can plug into your USB port on your laptop or use an adapter from the keyboard to the laptop.
  4. sm1mex


    SuperLake has packaged herbs and other things in plastic wrap back left corner of the store in fridge section. Maybe dill would be there.
  5. José Alfredo Cabrera. Chapala. Limited English. 331-292-3394. 333-952-3878. This is from an old card so don’t know if valid numbers but can try.
  6. Agree. The smoke odor is malo.
  7. Hope so. A long time ago there was a class at LCS but I think the the instructor passed.
  8. Where to buy lakeside?
  9. I had a bunch of CDs and I just asked if anyone wanted them free to pm me and I had someone respond that added to his collection of oldies but goodies CDs. also gave him a CD player we never used anymore. Everything worked perfect but too old to sell so gave them to someone who made him happy and could use them.
  10. How about a Dairy Queen. Love those blizzards.
  11. You can check the tire place on the mountain side of the libramiento close to the little motel place that starts with a P.
  12. Yes. We will stay the same time. Ok with us.
  13. Yes. It’s what I am looking for. I’ll check with the garden store in Riberas. Wonder if tool town would have one east of Guadalajara Farmacia Ajijic??
  14. Indoor/Outdoor Moisture Sensor Meter with Full Color looking for a probe gauge to put in potted plants to show dry moist and wet.
  15. Oh. I thought if it’s 6 there and we are 5 here when they spring forward to 7 there and we will still be 5 here we would be a 2 hour difference during their DLS months.
  16. Yes. We will have a 2 hour behind US for many months until they go back on standard time. Then 1 hour behind them. AMLO says no more changing of clocks.
  17. Hematologist at Quality Care. I have not been treated by her but I know her.
  18. 2nd Sunday in March. March 12. I think México is staying on standard time. Right??
  19. Try Strom White movers or other local moving companies. Some have used boxes.
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