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  1. Actually Yogurt is recommended for dogs as long as it is natural and sugar free. I have one dog who gets over a tablespoon every morning for his nervous stomach and is doing very well. I know of others who give their dogs yogurt every day as well. I found the info about the yogurt online on a vet's posting and the dog has been getting it for about 4 or 5 years. I also give to my other dogs occasionally as a treat and they love it. I have given my dogs cheese for over 50 years with no problems.
  2. Stopped by Hola Market #2 this AM and was told they are hoping to open on Wednesday.
  3. I agree and think there may be a bit of price gauging by that company. It would appear that the best way to go is direct with Florida. I am also hoping someone in this area will set up as a distributor at a more reasonable price. a I got the answer about the receivers, one is needed for each tv unlike DISH and Shaw.
  4. This is the info I have received from Cabosat: All we sale are the receivers and programming. You will be responsible to find and installer. You will also need at least a 75 cm dish to pick up the satellite. Your installer should be able to get one of these you. What part of Jalisco are you in? Maybe I can help you find an installer. The receivers are $350 dollars each and the LNBs are $50 each. Shipping and importation are extra, usually around 30-40% extra. The programming is $65 per month for one receiver and each receiver is an extra $10 dollars per month. The programming must be paid Six months in advance. So the total for Six months with four receivers is $570 dollars plus tax. A credit card is required to pay the programming. Please let me know if you have any questions. Quite a difference in price to what is quoted on the Kiwisat's website. I tried calling today and was on hold for 30 minutes and then hung up. I will try again tomorrow. It does seem that buying the equipment and dealing with Kiwisat itself may be the way to go.
  5. How many receivers are required? With DISH I have one.
  6. Wondering how many Cabosat has installed and what their experience is.
  7. FYI https://cabosat.net/satellite-tv?fbclid=IwAR0EL9DzA6RijrOH11ggVR9PwE9roOhe9UMBtTPxsCFg7DH-34dzc_gzCro Very interesting
  8. Aaahhh . . . . OK. It is a new building, I never noticed it before, just an empty lot between them and GG. Nice and big for them. Good parking also. Cant wait as I need some things from them and now will not have to fight the traffic, so good.
  9. That is Gourmet Garage and not the new Hola Market. This posting is about the new Hola Market which will be after Gourmet Garage heading east.
  10. I have always given my dogs the glucosamine chondroitin I bought at Costco.
  11. of red cabbage in a jar. Been to Pancho's, Gourmet Garage and SL so far, nobody has it in stock. Anyone know where I can buy a jar or two? Thanks
  12. The person I asked was an employee not an owner. Often others have info that employees do not.
  13. I asked and the man does not know when they will have gas again.
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