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  1. I have BOA and they wont accept a Mexican Cell phone number beginning with a +52. I use Textnow.com with a virtual number in the Seattle area (425 area code) and then you enter that 425 number in your BOA profile. Just did a transfer this morning from BOA to BBVA and got my "code" within 10 seconds of the request.
  2. Try using "https" instead of "http". Like this: https://theguadalajarareporter.net/
  3. I have accessed SSA in the past (maybe 1 month ago) just fine using Totalplay. I already use 2FA on my SSA account. On Totalplay without VPN, I don't even get to the signin page to trigger any kind of signin. I get the error: ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT
  4. Rebooted Totalplay modem and computer. Still same issue. I will keep investigating and if I come up with an answer I will post here. In the meantime I can access SSA either using Totalplay and a VPN or just through Telmex and no VPN. Thanks for all the suggestions.
  5. All same settings. If I use the three computers and Chrome and Edge on all three. Telmex works on all browsers on all three computers. Totalplay does not work on all browsers and all three computers.
  6. Exact same browser on each computer. TelMex works and Totalplay doesn't. I also tried Chrome browser and Edge on all three computers. Same results. On my main desktop computer I also used Firefox.
  7. Very interesting. Must be a setting in the Totalplay modem as I have now tried 3 different computers in the house and they all fail signin when using Totalplay. I switch them to Telmex and they all succeed signin without a VPN. I wonder what modem setting it might be ...
  8. My Totalplay modem and my Telmex modem have all the basic settings as they come from the vendor. No changes ...
  9. Ok, it appears only to happen when using Totalplay as my internet provider. I happen to have Telmex as a backup provider and I switched to Telmex and I can signin to ssa without using a VPN. So it appears to be only with Totalplay. Anyone else confirm this?
  10. Hmm, Interesting. I am using Totalplay. I don't know if that makes a difference. I tried both Edge and Chrome browsers.
  11. I have been logging in to my US social security account from Mexico for many years now without using a VPN. This morning when I go to the site https://www.ssa.gov/myaccount/ and click on "Sign In" I get rejected. If I connect my VPN to a location in the US, it lets me signin without issue. Anyone else seeing this behavior?
  12. Natasha, Which doctor describes your post?
  13. Location, Location, Location for the amount of rainfall. It all depends on location.
  14. At around 3:15pm Friday I noticed that chapala.com was not accessable for around 5 minutes. I'm guessing someone rebooted a server. Right now as of 3:38pm the response time had improved on the board.
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