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  1. No problem. I own and run the ajijicweather.com website.
  2. The Rancho Del Oro weather station which is ajijicweather.com transmits all of its data to WeatherUnderground as station IJALISCO38. So all the data in WeatherUnderground station IJALISCO38 is the same as ajijicweather.com. All of the history is from Rancho Del Oro. None of the history is from the old Riberas site. The Rancho Del Oro site has been up and running and gathering data since 2011.
  3. https://gobiernoenlinea1.jalisco.gob.mx/bancos/Reimprime This link might work for you. You have to wait a couple of days after paying. After going to the link above, select "Obligaciones Derechos Vehiculares". Then enter your License Plate #, last 5# of your VIN, select 2023.
  4. Great! Thanks for the info ibarra.
  5. My painter used Casther Tonal. I'm trying to locate a Casther store lakeside. The previous post says "In Riveras we have a store in front of panchos place". This was in 2020. Is the store still there?
  6. Yes. Both that thread and this thread have the same link to pay online. Tried again just now and still no go. Will wait a week and try again.
  7. I'm trying to pay online this morning but I get nowhere. Once I click on "pay with Credit Card", it goes to a blank screen. Anyone else able to pay online?
  8. A funny thing happened to us. We watched the first three episodes of Harry and Megan on Netflix using our VPN. Then yesterday, I could not access episodes 4 - 6 when my VPN was active. I disabled my VPN, and what do you know, there they were.
  9. Nyah with Opiere is excellent. One of the very good businessmen in town. We were 100% happy with his proposal and his timelines/dates for the project. When project was complete we were even more ecstatic with our CFE bill going from 7,000pesos every two months to 75pesos.
  10. Thanks for the info about Luis. I changed my contact info for him.
  11. Chapalence. We know the INAPAM cards aren't available at DIF. I told Lou to go to the DIF office in Ixtlahuacan and ask where the new INAPAM office is located.
  12. We started at the DIF office and they sent us out of town a bit on Obregon to the what looked like a temporary office. It was temporary. I just did a 2022 street view on Google maps and the office has moved to another location. I would go into town to the DIF office and ask for the location of the INAPAM office. It might be in the DIF office now.
  13. Good find Sea. Yep these channels are no longer available in Mexico.
  14. Looks like Shaw has moved more channels to the G1 satellite this week. On my account I lost these channels this week: 101, 112, 153, 212, 246, 251, 268, 411, 417, 418, 424, 450, 455, 474, 475, 515, 531, 533 I had all channels I could not get hidden in my guide. I went through my guide this morning and the channels mentioned above have moved to G1. I checked by looking at the satellite signal in MENU and these all now show G1 sat.
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