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  1. My fees with 2 specialists at SAT were all 1,000p.
  2. I am writing this because I feel people need to know about this place before they get involved with it and get burned. We went for an initial exam with a doc at RH. She was in her very early 20`s and her responses sounded like she was reading out of a manual. Not impressive. The cost was 2600 pesos. When we asked about the different charges on the bill, the woman at the counter could not explain one of the charges. Neither could the director of the hospital. What a nightmare! It felt awful to be there, like these people were just trying to milk us for as much money as they possibly could and cared not the slightest for us. We will never set foot in the place again. San Antonio hospital charges 1,000 pesos for this, always for doctors that give you confidence and sound like they are talking from much experience.
  3. Is it necessary to make a personal attack in an otherwise fairly civil conversation?
  4. They`re harmless, no need to react with such fear. Relax. In a little while, if let to finish it's metamorphosis (when`s the last YOU had one?), we`ll have a new winged one to grace our world.
  5. Thanks, Ibarra, almost exactly the average for the year with more to come.
  6. Thanks, John. 32.54 inches is surprising, a fairly normal year with more to come. It has seemed to me we`ve had much less.
  7. I need recommendations for a travel agent in Ajijic with great experience in Egypt. Has anyone who has visited there used a travel agent in this area? Gracias.
  8. Yes, it`s intergalactic. They decided to have it here because of the weather.
  9. An endoscopy runs 10,000 pesos by a private gastroenterologist doing it in Guad but can be much higher at one of the new local hospitals, one of which is little more than an expensive scam.
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