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  1. Tecno Agua 376 766 3731 331 410 9341
  2. They are going to install planters same as in Chapala on Madero. 🤡 Bunch of clowns
  3. 100 Pesos per hour in 2023 $7 Cdn $5 US +-
  4. Would someone please post the phone number for Ana Stiller Please mucho gracias
  5. I put my Christmas lights up before the snow starts Sorry
  6. On Pepe G just down from Goodyear / Soriana on the left if going towards the lake. He has repaired at least 5 folks I know. I think the sign says {elavatores}
  7. In this day and time in Mexico a tank is the vehicule of choice.... Not even safe to eat tacos in Guad. What the S ?? is happening?
  8. This lady is not a DRA but she does give a great foot massage. Kenia 333 390 2876 Sure feels good.
  9. Remember the good times and time heals all.
  10. No but how many people are going to look it up..... Guilty
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