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  1. Thanks ibarra. Another question. I don't see the amount of the fine on the ticket. How does one know what to pay? SunFan
  2. I got my first parking ticket in twelve years in SAT on Friday. I'm confused as to where to pay it. The ticket says at City hall..... but some friends say Oxxo or any Bank. I would prefer to avoid parking at the municipal building. Can I really pay at other locations? TIA SunFan
  3. The new LCS Reservation Service is great for Snowbirds/Sunbirds and those who are travelling. You can view/book and pay for classes/events/trips from anywhere you have internet access. You no longer have to visit the LCS office to purchase. SunFan
  4. Try the new LCS Reservation Service. ttps://lcsajijic.givecloud.co/product/202309EVcSD/diana-villamonte-soul-divas Click on my account and sign in. SunFan
  5. I know the Lake Chapala Society has a longstanding program for student aid. I believe they are supporting over 40 students this year. I don't have contact information but I'm sure there is something on their web site https://lakechapalasociety.com/public/ SnFan
  6. My new 2020 Mercedes came with a three year warranty, not the four years that's standard NOB. Who's zooming who? SunFan
  7. I suspect car dealerships in Mexico have their hands in politicians pockets. No pricing competition between Dealers. List price. Sub standard options offered on many models. Shortened warranties. Locked in to original Dealer servicing during warranty. SunFan
  8. Rod sold two new cars to us three years ago and managed the sale of our "trade ins". Couldn't have been happier with the whole transaction. He was persuasive enough to talk me into a new SUV rather than a used one. He has a keen sense of customer service. He follows through on the minutest detail. He'll do very well I'm sure. I do feel badly for Karen and Spencer at S&S,losing such a key employee. They did a fantastic purchase for us 8 years ago. Karen is top notch. SunFan
  9. Whenever I get into a snit about Mexican business practices my wife always calms me down by reminding me I should be grateful that Mexico will never be competitive for world dominance. SunFan
  10. ACD. Thanks for the heads up. Do you have the name of a recommended plan you could share? SunFan
  11. And here I was just going to post to ask about Totalplay's reliability after enduring a four day iLox outage. They "lost" Tuesday's work order and will be here Saturday. Every time I'm about to board a Volaris or Aeromexico flight I think about the competence of Mexico's technicians. SunFan
  12. I don't know about Weber but I've had my BBQ attached to the house propane tank for 6 years now. I'm using a Napoleon grill. SunFan
  13. SunFan


    same Same story I got on the phone to AT&T. Their agent should never have sold me the plan. But no admission of any responsibility for employing crooks to service their customers. Seems like a new Narco enterprize. SunFan
  14. SunFan


    I was told by Telcell you have to have an active AT&T account to enable Telcell to port your number. Catch22. After AT&T cancelled my 2 year contract after only 19 months I had to buy one month service for Telcell to port my number. The bastards at AT&T insisted their lowest cost one month prepaid plan was 500 pesos. Still waiting on a response from PROFECO. AT&T's staff should at least wear eye patches and have parrots on their shoulder who you know who your really dealing with! SunFan
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