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  1. I've at time had itching after a shower but the culprit was the soap I used, i now stick with name brand soaps 👍
  2. Yes I know, but how will they get that done without the mordida issue raising its ugly head 🤔
  3. The red cross would be a ideal testing venue and they could use the donations
  4. Have we heard any definable process on who does the testing, I don't think so
  5. I don't think it is presently required I takes several months and sometimes several years before the government gets there s#%t together just my 2 cents
  6. Maybe just maybe they should enforce the laws they already have on the books, like all motorcycle riders must have a helmet on. I blame transito for many of the deaths of many young mc riders⚠️
  7. This could possibly the reason some Mexican companies will not accept your U S credit card. I do some work with Volaris and for several times paying for (freight cargo fees) they would not accept my U S credit card but when I change my address to a Mexican address on my usaa account they they accepted the credit card I had to change my phone number to my Mexican phone number also. This might be the reason for not accepting your U S card but they would accept my debit card before I change my usaa info. I'm going to try my card with the change soon with mercado libre and see what happens phil
  8. I had this happen 2 times ci bank and usaa the first time I called usaa I file a complaint about not getting the money on the 2 time I called usaa bank I talk with the fraud dept person and she was very attentive and i got my missing money refuded
  9. I lost 350 u s from same bank machines i was told the audit didn't show my loss. I didnt take It any further. I have since earned that the squeaky wheel gets the grease. I would suggest when you call usaa that you talk with a person in the fraud dept they seem to be more aggressive. Good luck ⚠️
  10. The French pastry shop has been closed for several days is this permanent or temporary
  11. I just keep riding my motorcycle
  12. Did you ask the Goodyear dealer for advice
  13. Just saw this new construction behind the new hotel across from chapala haciendas, just what this construction is for??
  14. Goodyear in chapala I have used them for 20 years always have been pleased 👍
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