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  1. The first thing to learn in Mexico is there is virtually no consumer protection. Real estate sales, services, contactors, product quality, construction.....you're on your own. SunFan
  2. I'm high on the hill overlooking Riberas. I regularly see smoke rising from residential fires. Sometimes the downwind smoke quantity is unbelievable, stretching for blocks. It must drive neighbors out of their homes. SunFan
  3. Except smog inspections are not required for cars registered in either Chappal or Jocotepec. SunFan
  4. Pedro probably already sent in his obit complete with photos of the Pope giving him last rites. SunFan
  5. He was only about 78/79. SunFan
  6. I wonder what the cost of fish food is here at Lakeside. Before I retired I kept Koi ponds in Toronto for 14 years. At the end, 20 years ago, Koi food was at $5/lb. CDN. I switched to buying frozen cocktail shrimp well under $5/lb. and would toss the shrimp in the pond along with a head of lettuce every day. I never saw a single shrimp fall to the bottom of the pond and the lettuce created a Piranha feeding frenzy. SunFan
  7. Works fine. Much faster than this board. SunFan
  8. From a very thoughtful poster on Facebook; IT'S OVER! NO MORE COHETES UNTIL NEXT YEAR! I just came back from the church of Our Lady of El Pilar in Riberas and some very nice ladies explained everything to me. The feast day of Our Lady of El Pilar is October 12. The festivities start a few days before and end a few days after, depending on which day of the week the 12th falls on. Traditionally it is a "novenario", which means they last nine days, but the last three years there have been fewer days due to the pandemic. The cohetes usually start between 5 and 6 pm. Today they were earlier because it was the last day. Prior to the celebrations it is possible to ask for a schedule of activities so that we can prepare. I already wrote it down a few days before in my calendar for 2023 to remember to go and ask for that schedule and post it in the group. It would be good if other people would also write it down in case I forget. I would like to comment on something that I think is extremely important: The ladies I spoke with told me that these days they have been receiving complaints, rudeness and even serious threats. They had to call a patrol car, which was in front of the church during all the celebrations. Among the people who approached them in these ways were some Mexicans, but most of them were expats. I asked them to understand that even though expats are bothered by the cohetes, especially because of how their pets suffer, almost all of them are respectful of our culture, although, unfortunately, those who approach them give all expats a bad name. It is inevitable that we put up with this sort of thing in our country. We have to accept it and, if possible, prevent our pets from suffering so much.
  9. I thought emissions tests weren't required for residents of Chapala and Jocotepec? SunFan
  10. I went Marlin fishing in San Carlos last October. Wonderful place. Just an hours drive from a large airport. SunFan
  11. Peter, are you still smokin' them things? Aren't you on oxygen 24X7? SunFan
  12. Great idea. Helps everyone. Wayne, can you put together a price for single bed bases? I'm sure Harry can raise a few more pesos for such a good cause. SunFan
  13. Just how expensive is a bed base? SunFan
  14. Same thing happened to me a month ago. They just showed up unannounced. They had a truck with ladders but no uniforms. An hour later I had high speed fiber as backup to my iLox. SunFan
  15. Well done Harry! Out of curiosity, did the municipality contribute anything? SunFan
  16. Aurora Michel Galindo, the former manager of Actinver. amichelg57@gmail.com SunFan
  17. 22 X 240 watt panels installed 10 plus years ago. Can't get to the second story roof to clean the panels so I lose a lot of efficiency and as the panels age they deteriorate as well. They seem to max out at 3.5 to 4 Kw per hour now. But everything seems bulletproof. Well paid off. Maybe I'll contact GOSOLAR for his new 500 watt panels and micro-inverters and add my Koi pond. Can't understand why AMLO is so anti renewables? Paid off. México could be a solar powered country with the new battery technology. SunFan
  18. The other benefit of solar pV and water heating is the displacement of propane use. Gradually switch your oven. stove, clothes dryer over to electric. I now get my propane tank topped up once a year to supply my BBQ and outdoor pizza oven. Saves thousands of pesos annually. My annual cost for gas and electricity for a house with a pool and pressure pump for irrigation is about $2,000 pesos Sunfan
  19. I don't understand how Dentists do it quickly. The process for me with Dra Candy was; dental surgeon to do extraction and bone graft. three months for bone to heal then the implant one more month to settle in the implant then the post and crown. SunFan
  20. I f that's the team I'd like to join! I can't skate very well but maybe my teammates would hold me up. SunFan
  21. Nikolos When you moved into your fracc you read all the rules and regulations and probably signed an agreement that you would abide by them. Those bylaws include the payment of dues. Why would anyone other than a moroso, renege on that agreement to the detriment of their fee paying neighbors? SunFan
  22. When you're done comon over and help me fish my umbrella out of the pool. SunFan
  23. In the last two days four Lakeside acquaintances, all vaccinated/boosted and one who had previously been infected have come down with Covid. Don't know if its the new Omicron 4 or 5 variety. Another wave at Lakeside? I'm putting the mask back on inside buildings. Sunfan
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