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  1. My point was there is no reason why a competent water system cannot be available Lakeside. It's not rocket science. The SIMAPA water usage fees alone should enable maintenance of the system. The addition/expansion capital cost of wells should be charged to those who benefit. SunFan
  2. It's a sad comment on SIMAPA. Chula Vista, for example, manages its own well system and has for over 50 years. They have their own ownership contract of two wells with CONAGUA, pay CONAGUA rates for each litre extracted, pay for the total extraction quota, perform regular maintenance and test water daily for bacteria and quarterly for heavy metals, arsenic, etc.. The key point is they are able to provide 24X7X365 potable water to residents and fully recover all operating costs by charging SIMAPA rates per cubic meter. Shouldn't SIMAPA be able to do the same? SunFan
  3. My understanding is the deductible is 5 or 10 % of the assessed value of your vehicle. Fortunately, I have no direct experience. SunFan
  4. That would suggest you can get mandatory vehicle insurance. I'm not aware you can but easy to check. SunFan
  5. Wow. I get my replacement cartridges for a Canon laser printer delivered from Mercado Libre for 199 pesos. SunFan
  6. Interesting. A friend obtained a license for a restricted space for his house on 16th Septiembre. One must paint the license number on the curb. SunFan
  7. I need help setting up a VPN on a router so I can acquire streaming services not available in Mexico. Can anyone suggest a contact? My usual support appears to be missing in action. TIA SunFan
  8. An update. Thank you to the folks who responded with sage advice and their own experiences. The cancer is apparently fatal without doubt. It's only a question is when. The end will come quickly when the urethra is blocked entirely. We'll have to rush her in for euthanasia. The next move is to have our Vet consult with her specialists in Guadalajara to determine the likelihood of chemotherapy prolonging her life with a high level of comfort. If chemo is not likely to produce significant remission we will wait for the inevitable. SunFan
  9. I would advise anyone to never buy on spec in Mexico. Just consider the development beside the Coke plant, the condo in La Floresta, La Pueblita and so on. SunFan
  10. I like the cut of your jib. Give away now before your unnecessary, little used items end up in an estate sale with folks arguing over pesos on the dollar. Target your unexpected gifts to friends or folks who could really use them. Sunfan
  11. We have a nine year old Beagle with an aggressive cancerous tumour in the urethra. She began spotting blood from the vagina and we took her for a number of tests for a diagnosis. We're now awaiting word from our Vet as to prognosis and treatment options. She (our Vet) is consulting with her peers in Guadalajara. Surgery is apparently not an option because of the probability of metastasizing and incontinence. She shows no signs of problems yet - active, affectionate, eats well, plays with our other dog, urinates and defecates normally. Before specific options for treatment are recommended our Vet indicated chemo and radiation might be required. I have no prior experience with this. Previous pets have simply died of old age. Naturally we did Google searches and discovered dogs seem to have a parallel with human experience. Chemo and radiation prolong life but are usually not a cure. The suffering is simply prolonged. I have had several friends and acquaintances who had undertaken months and years of treatment, experiencing excruciating debilitation and ended up dying anyways. The options I'm anticipating appear to be to pursue chemo and radiation treatment which likely will only prolong the inevitable or taking no treatment options, waiting for the inevitable and making her final time as comfortable as possible and ending with euthanasia when she has no more quality of life. Money is not an issue. I'm asking if anyone and can offer experience and advice with pet cancer. We are obviously devastated to lose our beloved pet before her time. SunFan As a side note, we initially wasted over two months and $ with what I would consider an incompetent Vet who misdiagnosed the problem and wasted time with irrelevant diagnosis and treatment and a recommendation for a caring, compassionate, careful one . PM me for details.
  12. If it's any help I used an iLox bill today at TelCel to sign up for service. SunFan
  13. Finally tried Los Tres and I agree with the reviews. I've had the frozen Strip Loin and Rib Eye. Both were excellent and at a reasonable price. Chicken - not so good Lamb - I've had better locally I'm a regular customer for beef. I will try Brisket next. If the frozen is that good I wonder what fresh Sonora beef would be like? SunFan
  14. Of course, I should have checked Roly first. Interesting that Good Friday is not a legal holiday. SunFan
  15. Our cleaning lady is coming today - Good Friday. Will we owe her triple time? TIA SunFan
  16. I've been a patient of Dr Rios for eight years now. I've had a retinal detachment and suffer from glaucoma so I'm laser focused on eye health. He's stabilized the glaucoma and there's been no deterioration. I'm very comfortable with Rios. SunFan
  17. Happened again today at Walmart. A lady in front of me fills the conveyor belt with a cart full of merchandise, watches it being scanned in and loaded into her cart and only after the cashier tells her the total does she begin retrieving her purse and fumbling for her wallet. She then proceeded to laboriously count out the exact change down to the peso. Wonder how long before I get there? SunFan
  18. How is it that nonprofits and charities can be named as beneficiaries of estates here at Lakeside? SunFan
  19. Monday night. Upper Chula Vista. Crickets are in full swing but nary a Cicada to be heard. Maybe if I played some Bob Dylan???? SunFan
  20. My Canadian humour failed again. SunFan
  21. Sorry to hear about the audit. That's what happens when you hire those 87,000 armed IRS agents. SunFan
  22. I have left batteries for disposal at Sterens. SunFan
  23. Yes but it takes fewer pesos now to match the US dollar price. SunFan
  24. Ah, the advantages of being my age. I went back to start at page one and every cartoon was new to me. SunFan
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