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  1. I really have learned some things from all the comments so far, thanks to all! 1. Bellon and Parker are the most used Auto Insurance Brokers which isn't a big surprise (S&S sprinkled in there too). In an accident/claim who you get on the other end of the line - at either Brokerage - unfortunately seems to be a factor in how the claim goes. Persistence and more questions at the time is key to getting help if you're not satisfied. 2. Qualitas seems like a very good insurer with many positive comments and a couple HDI positives too. 3. Who is ANA? A couple of positive comments about them also, but I can't tell if they are a Broker or an Insurer? Anyone proveide more details? Muchas Gracias! šŸ˜Ž
  2. We're purchasing a used (new to us) MX plated car. I know this site as Insuance sponsors but I'd prefer actual user recommendations from the Chapala Board. 1.) Who do you recommend as a top Lakeside Insurance Agency? 2.) Which Insurer can you recommend... HDI, Qualitas, Chubb, etc.. Muchas gracias!
  3. Agua deliciosa! šŸš° We live east of Vista Del Lago and our well pump just had some work done on it. While I was assured all is well (pun intended!) I'd like to have it tested for basics like bacteria, algae, etc. The last thread I could find here was from 2016 & 2017 and was vague. Anyone heard of any local Lakeside service or lab? Saludos!
  4. We have had our Starlink since early August 2022, and Starlink is RARELY down, even with heavy rain and storms. It only drops now if the power goes out. We live east of Vista del Lago (NO Totalplay, NO fiber optic, NO reliable TelMex or Telcel) and we're very glad for this option and HIGHLY RECOMMEND šŸ˜ for strong (averages 100+ mbps down) and reliable service.
  5. Where is the Recycling Center located? šŸ“š
  6. Just had some friends/neighbors drive down from Alberta a couple months back, with no issues. Used our suggestion of the Laredo Solidarity International Bridge (about 20 mins northwest of the main Laredo crossing) which is much less crowded and easy to get your vehicle TIP. They also stayed at the Midway Las Palmas hotel in Matehuala, San Luis Potosi as we did which is about a 6 hour drive from the border, with bathroom stops. You can book that hotel online in hotels.com or booking.com. It felt safe to us with a nice restaurant and pool. Bring pesos for the tolls (cuotas), no CC or USD, need your vehicle title for your TIP, and Mexican Auto Insurance policy.
  7. A friend of mine let me take a look at a book on health she is reading from Tony Robbins, called "Life Force" (yep, the former motivational guru guy). It looked pretty interesting but I'm not willing to pay the big bucks on Amazon to get it down here. Has anyone a copy they aren't reading or seen one around Lakeside in a thrift? Muchas gracias! šŸ¤“
  8. They are out of California but that is not relevant to purchasing coverage. I chose a liability only policy with Qualitas that covers all of Mexico. I find their prices are very good and it is all done through online purchase and printing of documents. We are Temporal Residente for another couple years so I need this coverage each year.
  9. Glad things worked out and thanks for taking the time to update your trip from the border! Many people will benefit from an updated, detailed review like yours! Bienvenido a casa al Lago Chapala & šŸ„³ Feliz AƱo Nuevo
  10. I will second Colibri Garden! Excellent pies and most if not all are Gluten Free. Don't let that worry you, our friends who are not GF love these pies too. They are very near Letra CH restaurant and Doug's Auto in Chapala.
  11. My wife and I recently viewed a 9-part Series on Natural Herbs šŸŒ» and Remdies that got us interested in a few of their suggestions and ideas. Can anyone recommend a good Herbalsit or Apothecary Lakeside or in Guadalajara? Muchas gracias!
  12. Thanks for being specific on your expereince. The OP's info to me reads as a third-person expereince which is another word for rumor. Your expereince matched ours when we traveled to SFO in June on AeroMexico (FMM needed departing and returning); and late July departure to DFW on AA and early August returnon. FMM was NOT needed coming or going, As many of us say, "TIM!" This is Mexico!
  13. Just to ride this "Starlink" horse šŸ‡ a little bit more here's an update.... Muchas gracias! As I've shared, living east of Vista del Lago we have struggled with internet the past two years. We are streamers Netflix, Prime, etc. TelMex was too slow with frequent buffering and outages (1.5 Mbps download, no lie); Telcel decent speed 10 Mbps but throttled usage which hurt us bad; then Starlink entered the picture and sealed the deal when they lowered prices. I ordered the system on 8/27. Starlink arrived 8/30 at iShop. I installed it 9/1 on the roof and were off to the races with speed and reliability. It installed easy as some of you have shared. The downtime and interruptions are non-existent and so far latency is very good. We couldn't be more pleased 2-weeks into service. Highly recommend and thank you to all who participated in this forum discussion!! šŸ‡²šŸ‡½
  14. Going out of business, maybe but doubtful. More likely as in the case of Starlink Mexico they weren't selling as many as they anticipated to support their service. When I first heard the price of Starlink Mexico identical to prices in the States, it was a head scratcher.... they would only attract wealthy Meicans and well-off expats. Now, I think they can reach more of the up and coming Mexican middle-class, and more expats who can fit the new prices into their budgets. Monthly service is $1,100 MX ($55 USD/ $72 CAD ) and equipment cost $8,300 MX ($420 USD/ CAD $540). Living east of Chapala in Tlachichilco (past Vista del Lago Country Club) it's a real option and we'll own the equipment and most of our forum users here who have Starlink seem very pleased with their decision. We may be next! šŸ‘¾ šŸš€ šŸ’Æ
  15. Nope, the form is NOT needed. We just flew to DFW a week or so on AA. Even though we had been to the INM kiosk, AA did not collect our bottom half. And, upon return clearing customs in GDL (we had kept and filled out the top half) INM did not want it and politely tossed it to the side. Seems, we were told later, this is a new pilot program first in GDL. The idea is to place the responsibility upon the airlines to properly check documents.
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