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  1. Delsey hard sided,purple, 73cm x 45cm x 23 cm-----2 carry on, used twice, soft sided, 57cm x 39 cm x 23 cm, excellent condition. Delsey hard sided, pd. 2550 peso----asking 1350 peso. 2 soft carry -ons, red, black, pd 2200 peso, asking 1250 pesos. 331 763 5597, or 376 766 4981 Happy Traveling
  2. SMART TV--43" Samsung 43" ,4K UHD SMART LED --Roku-remote, Bluetooth--ultra-high definition-crystal display. Purchased August 2021 -pd 8607pesos---sell for 4300. pesos----- Have manual-remote 331-763-5597---376-766-4981 !
  3. TLC 43" Samsung 4K, Roku--purchased Dec 2020----pd 6295.00 peso's, remote-manual--asking 3995.00 peso's Moving, reason for selling----331 763 5597--12pm-5pm
  4. Just a note---we had to fix our dishwasher--shopped around-, Tio Sam,, etc. -finally went to Servicio Pelayo ,Ave. Hildago #90 Riberas---across from Century 21. It is as of this date April 22, 2021-over 3 months-they picked it up Jan. 11, 2021. We paid upfront 5500 peso's for new parts--still not repaired-as of now--we just told them forget it--we just want machine back--will get someone else to fix it---but we cannot get it back--next step lawyer! Just may be our dishwasher is complicated--but just want it back--even not repairied--no luck.
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