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  1. Yes, we go to PV every year for those 10 days (Ajijic festival).
  2. Thanks Pete! Still,down in SE Ajijic over 8 hrs and wondered if others still out. For some reason I don’t get their messages.
  3. Yes, also SE Ajijic near lower La Floresta. Wonder if anyone will recommend TotalPlay??
  4. The bomberos are a friendly pleasant group of young men and we watched them remove our neighbor’s large hive carefully.
  5. We did same as chápalence and mainecoons; highly recommend it.
  6. Thread started 2012, then 2016 and most recent 2016….
  7. We had one come up 7-8 years ago, and skip along a rough line from Juan Manuel/Juan Alvarez including a bit west of that line that took out some of our neighbor’s solar panels and a couple blocks north took out part of a wall on Guadalupe Victoria (SE Ajijic).
  8. Chairs, it appears, won’t matter. Went at 5:15 without a reservation on Wednesday and all tables were reserved. Owner sat us at a table who had a 6:30 reservation and since there were 2 of us who don’t drink cocktails premeal and didn’t want dessert, we were out in 45 minutes….excellent food and service. Need reservations!
  9. Agree. Zeta is fine but stick with one of their drivers with their own card and phone.
  10. Floradude…..same exactly as you describe SE Ajijic near foot of Wednesday market but still in Ajijic, not LF. BEEN here 11 yrs and yes, previous outages not like these.
  11. Around here location results vary a lot. ajijicweather.com station in Rancho de Oro reports 5.86 inches this June with total avg for entire month of June 6.01 inches. Note that predictive sources suggest very little coming next 2-3 days, however.
  12. Yes, I think twice a week….
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