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  1. Feral cats are not friendly.Just close the doorto your house if one gtsin your house and you ill never forget thescenethat follows, probably an abandonnedpet or one that decided that life wasbettersomewhereelse. I have one who showed up years ago and never left.
  2. San Cristobal de las Casas has a Burger King in the center amogst ancient buildings so why not the Ajijic Plaza? They can force them to be discreet like many other ancient towns have done around the world..
  3. I had problems a couple of time at HSBC same one as the OP mentions. I always got the money back but it is a pain. I have a couple of local accouts and that is the best thing I ever did.They pay the electricity and Phone, I do not have to worry about it, I eventually got credit cards from them as well and I rarely go to the branch..
  4. To me surgeons are like any trade artisans and they tend to criticize what was done before . My husband had spine surgery and he came out ok as he could not stand the pain before the surgery. A few years later he fell and fractured his back but did not have much pain. The new surgeon we saw said that he disapproved from the surgery the doctor did before but that he put so many screws that these screws helped support the back and for that reason my husband was not in much pain and could heal without any other surgery so go figure..
  5. dr Gabriel Martinez is a shoulder specialist.He did a fabulous job on my shoulder and the one he operated on is better than the other. I have hernia between L4 and L5 and he told me to see a spine specialist and he also told me he did not do that type of surgery.. .I also was told by other specialists here and in France that there wwere 3 out 5 chances that the surgery would help but the resy of the time there is no improvement at best and pain can remain and nothing can be done at worst. I need to do something but I am still shopping around for doctors.
  6. Why do you guys use sumac for? I use it on iranian rice with raw eggs and I love it.. Zaatar is easy to find Sumac not so much. I have never looked for it her.. I buy it when I go home and bring back more than I need...
  7. I went to Walmart and they used to have lots of house phones and they do not any longer which seems to indicate the demand is down , so they have them on their site and so does Amazon etc.. so what, the demand is down and they will disappear. I have fiber so I do not use a home phone any more so bye to the house phone. I do what I need to do with my cell phone or my tabletand the people I know are doing the same thing..
  8. not everyone has a cell phone but those who do not will soon be gone..Even my mother has one and she is 101 year old. I do not know people who do not have a cell and I work with indigenous and some of them cannot read or write and the have smart phones and communicate via audio messages. I went to walmart to get a house phone and I did not see any. They are on their way out Telmex has a few and the internet..I know many people who do not have a house phone they are being replaced by cell phones.
  9. there ARE COMPANIES THAT WILL SELL YOU WHAT THEY CALL GIUAS.. You prepay the shipment via these comapnies and get a large discount with any of the usual package companies like fed ex estafeta, dhl etc In Chiapas we use Huipix but I was just with a friend from Oaxaca and they use another company something pak.. I am sure Guadalajara must have such companies. You need to know size and weight you can use bank cards to pay. I do not know if they speak English either.
  10. regular telephones are also getting harder to find ,
  11. If it is legit just get it printed at the papeleria in San Antonio. That is what I did..If it is not legit then you will need to go to Guadaljara or Ocotlan. The papeleria willnot be able to do it.
  12. and same in La Floresta a round about would eliminate a light
  13. when the governor came the traffic was flowing fine.. They put transitos at the lights and it was smooth going , maybe they should learn from that instead of swamping the strets in Chapal and getting motocycle and other vehicules impounded. When I told the transitos they should be in Ajijic they gave me the name of the boss and suggested that I showed him the pictures I took of the Ajijic disaster.. Only one problem, the boss stops working at 3 and I do not get there untul after 3.
  14. there is a demntia group Lakeside mostly women, one men made of the spouses of the dementia patients. Ask about it at LCS they will give you the contacts. they meet every weeks and exchange information. Lots of very useful information and they know about caregivers , the quality and prices of homes etc.. The could be of great help to you.
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