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  1. My second time was worse, I ended up with pneumonia and something else they are still checking ..
  2. in Europe it is the ssame you do not get a booster until 3 or 4 month until after the covid. I had covid in november and had the same thing in July although I did not test myself in July (after a plane ride in july and 4 months late and I have no idea where that one came from)
  3. The doctor was the first person I called but at one in the morning , the doctor did not answer until I send a message , the third one ( I called twice and sent a message once) that my husband was ead according the paramedic. As things were going on that night I sent a whatsapp to a friend to document hings and I can tell you that some of th ethings I reported, I do not remember as of this day. This is how I know I went through a trauma and I still have holes in memory of that night although I have them on whatsapp. SO yes I was inschock but bit enough to go to pieces.
  4. I did not have to pay anything on the spot and did not have anything prepaid. The funeral home charged me what whatever afterwards . They were super nice and helpful. The funeral home also reports the death to the US consulate or the consulate of the country the person comes from My husband was a binational and I told the funeral home not to report it to the US consulate as in Mexico he was Mexican and that I would advised the consulate and they let me do this. I di not want any chance of our account being blocked before I changed the place where my social security was deposited.. It took 2 months for SS to deposit to my account in Mexico so I received two cheks for my husband in th eUS account that was blocked. SS asked me for the bank information , The account was blocked the minute I reported the death and SS took the money out of our US account immediately although I could not use the account for 7 months. I am not a US citizen so thing for aliens ca be complicated.. SS cannot go to a Mexican bank and help them themselves.
  5. GPS My mistake was that I did not call them to cancel them when the oximeter wetnt off.. When your souse is dying in front of you , you cannot think of everything, you ll see if it happens to your spouse,,, I do not think you understand the problem. The driver from Cruz Roja , when my husband was pronounced dead by the ambulance medic, sneaked out back to the ambulance to call the police. I have been here for more than 20 years, I speak fluent Spanish and I know better than call the police but the ambulance driver, called them and left the door open ao they came in uninvited.. I did not see the driver leave and the next thing I new 5 cops where in the bedroom, they had to cross the whole house to get there...nasty as could be. Thank God my neighbor who was a cdmx cop was with me and his wife otherwise I would have been in real trouble. The ambulances have to follow the law and all they had to say.was excuse me now I have to call the police . I have a lawyer friend who told me what happens between emplyyes and police. WHen I went to complain the next day , Cruz Roja was crawling with cops haveing nice conversation with the cruz roja emploees, they are bodies ..I saw it with my own eyes. You are reading the nice literature on how to and if you think that it is what happens at one on clock in the morning you have a lot to learn about life here. If you are lucky and you can contact your doctor immediately or if the San Antonio hospital tells the ambulance to come right over and declare your husband or wife dead on arrival you are lucky but if you have a doctor that cannot sign the death certificate because the office is out or does not open until 8 in the morning you are in for a whole lot of fun After the funeral home took my husband they harrassed the funeral home until morning. Your post on how do things is very misleading and does not represent what can happen in real life. If you are lucky it will happen that way but after speaking with several family who went through it and the funeral homes I can tell you there is plenty of room for improvemtn ,
  6. By all means, help people who will call the police to your house without telling you first... Very good idea..
  7. Many Mexicans complain about the cohetes but the church is powerful and they continue. They cut back because of the money not because of compalints.. In the other town where I l also live, the weather is cold and the cohetes fall on my rood and breajk the roof tiles. Every year I have to pay for fixing the roof. I am seriously thnking of asking the church to payy for it.. but I do not think that will go very far. I will be told to leave town if I do not like it.. That is the way it is.
  8. yes I do want to have an app I can use remotly. I am planning to give access to my neighbor and give him a camera so he can moniter the 2 properties when I am not in town .I will have the app. too.. SOunds like there are lots of options and good ones.. Thank you all I am going to check everything and see what works for me. John my house is in CHiapas so I do not need a tec here.but thanks anyways.
  9. I am in need of 3 to 4 small wireless security cameras connected to my cell phone by an an app that I can check from afar. I would love to hear your experiences with such a system and your comments negative or positive.
  10. Be aware that Cruz ROja as well as all ambulances will call the police in case the patient is dead when they arrive. WHat cruz ROja did to me was inexcusable.. my husband passed away as they were on tehir way and the driver sneaked out of the room to go and call the police. He did not have the courtesy to let me know he was going to do it. My gate was open for a quick entry and exit and the driver did not warn me to close the gate and let the police in without my permission. It is a violation from the part of the police to enter a home uninvited.. I found my self surrounded by 5 cops at 1 in the morning and what followed was so traumatic that 8 months later I still have loss of memory from what happened that night. I will never give to Cruz Roja for the rest of my life and will use other services a
  11. Interesting answers from everyone, showing thateveryone has differnt restions so you just do not know how your body will react one way or the other and the relief will be very temporary to quite long but in all cases it is just something that you cannot do for long term relief. Of course when you are inpain relief even for a short time is wonderful. Good luck to you.
  12. What kind of wrought iron work are you looking for? The traditional wrought iron done on the forge with hammer is just about gone. The National School of Ceramic was looking for someone who could do vry fine traditional old wrought iron work to do tops of large jars and they asked me to kook for someone in this area because their herrero in Tapalpa who was doing a very fine job decided to do balconeria which is is the work you see everywhere on protection bats gates doors etc.. because there is more money in it. I am friends with the 2 families in CHiapas who are left doing that kind of traditional work and cound that ther is no one in this area that does the old fashion type of work any longer.. There are many men doing a fine job but no one doing the hand hammered work any longer. I had some furniture at one time done the traditional way in Tlaquepaque but that was expensive and many years ago. I live near the 6 esquinas and know several people but they are almost impossible to get because the good ones who are reasonable have a long list of work to do for architects and develipers. I had to battle with 3 people in the neighborhood to come to me house and one recommended 2 others because he just was too busy.. I ended up having the work done by one man o Ocampo and another one in the 6 esquinas and anotehr one on Rio Bravo who did not do a good job.. I could not give yo names as my gardener knows where tthey live and goes and gets them. WHo is the one west of Blue Rose ?? West of there is the LaHuerta Center and there is no Herrero there,. There is one on Rio zula on the left before getting on Ocampo but who else is in the area? WOuld love to know as I am forever chasing down good herreros..
  13. All simple intersections have 4 corners and I have never heard of a 4 corner intersection either.
  14. 4 corners map is in chapala, 6 corners is in Ajijic and 9 corners in Guadaljara
  15. Thank you for the information, I am about to embark on a new adventure and live in a community awaa tinaco higher upy from it all including internet and phones to learn a new language and I know the conditions are very primitive. Will this work when connected to a hose fed by gravity from the mountain?
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