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  1. Just wondering if there's a solution for this problem (not driving, I suppose). Is this something that keeps getting worse as time goes by with no real practical solution in sight?
  2. People complain a lot about the traffic. Just how bad is it? Would you cite specific problems that you've faced driving?
  3. If this were the case, there wouldn't be as many seniors left in the US. It would clear one of the major hurdles for wanna-be expats wishing to relocate.
  4. What is the average wait time for most? And the average cost for consultations?
  5. I'm curious as to how Lake Chapala medical care compares with other areas of Mexico with large numbers of those from NOB. Has anyone lived in any of the other popular areas prior to moving to Lakeside and can weigh in on the care they received there vs. the care in the Lake Chapala area?
  6. I've read where many Americans living in Mexico moved for different reasons, but one of the main reasons was better, more affordable and faster access to healthcare than in the US. It takes forever to see GPs, specialists and other health providers in the US with absolutely insane costs involved in a "system" that is irretrievably broken. Saying something is broken though implies that it worked at some point so maybe a poor choice of words. I'm wondering how many of you reading this moved there for healthcare as one of the primary reasons and how it's worked out for you.
  7. I know not too many houses have it but if you do and if you run it fairly often in the hotter weather will you likely wind up stuck in the DAC rate for the usual period? I know the term "fairly often" is very subjective and likely has a different meaning to everyone.
  8. If you're fortunate enough to have a bath tub they're great for dog washing. You can get the temp just right for them. A deep sink would likely work for a dog under 15 lbs. I would imagine. Buena suerte.
  9. When I started this thread a few years ago the Honda Fit was mentioned quite a few times. Does that still hold true now?
  10. While Mexican street food is frequently very appetizing, tasty, cheap and pretty healthy eating, the after effects may be pretty bad for us Gringos. I speak from personal experience. I was glad (years ago) for the Ajijic Clinic being close by and only 100 pesos to see the doctor. Since then I've stuck with places that cater to a fair amount of Gringos and no further food-borne issues.
  11. How much is the same meal now vs. then (say around March 2020)? And take out food- how much has that increased for what you'd buy back then? The cost of a lot of restaurant meals here in the greater ABQ area has just about doubled since pre-pandemic days. I'm curious to see what's happened to the cost of dining out there at Lakeside.
  12. On average, what does it usually cost to see a specialist? Are most of them based in Guad and only at Lakeside clinics one or two days a week?
  13. Minor being something pretty simple on an outpatient basis (such as a mole removal, etc.) Are they generally pretty affordable when paying cash? Even where a specialist and a lab study is involved?
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