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  1. That's certainly good to know, thank you. I'm still seriously considering returning to the area sometime in 2025.
  2. Yes, they certainly do. Is this relatively easy to do within the alloted 30 day window as I was quoted about 4,000 pesos (if memory serves) to do this by a law firm in Chapala. Thank you for the Google map.
  3. After entering Mexico, I'm told you have 30 days to convert the sticker/stamp in your passport you received from a MX consulate in the US to a residency permit. Chapala Law will convert it for a fee or as an alternative, can you go to Immigration at the Chapala city hall on Wednesdays to get this done within the 30 day time frame? Does this usually require more than one trip to accomplish this?
  4. I figured that the Japanese cars (and Korean) would likely be a good fit there based on past experience with respect to operating costs, parts and service locally. I wouldn't want anything that had to go to Guad for servicing.
  5. You are incorrect, no book here. I'm sure that's been done many times before. With that said, I may need to purchase a vehicle in the upcoming months and thanks to those who have provided useful information. I would be buying this vehicle in the US to drive to Mexico and would need something with a decent cargo capacity-likely either an SUV or a wagon.
  6. I'm looking at mostly Japanese wagons and small SUVs ie, Toyota, Honda, Subaru, etc. What are the most practical vehicles to own locally? Is the Honda Fit still a popular choice?
  7. Are you saying that the Mexican gov't. will federally insure each depositor for up to 150,000 USD in the current peso equivalent like the FDIC in the US if the bank fails?
  8. That's good to know. I had read that you must pay taxes to Mexico as a full time resident and then claim the foreign tax credit when you file your US tax return to prevent being taxed in both countries (as there is a tax treaty as you stated). That was apparently wrong information or I misunderstood it. Mexican cds pay 12%? That's a LOT better than what I currently receive.
  9. I may be moving to MX early 2025 probably with a residente temporal visa. I receive VA disability and social security from the US along with some interest income. As a full time resident of Mexico, would I be required to pay Mexican income taxes? And if so, at what rate?
  10. That indeed simplifies things. Just one more question, though. Your US plated car that got you there and you've been driving since becomes undriveable/not practical to repair and has to be junked. (I'd then buy a good Jalisco-plated car to replace it as that seems by far the best option). Your US-plated car is now undriveable and ready for the scrapyard. Is there a way to legally declare this car as junk/inoperable with the MX gov't. without actually having to remove it from MX (as it's undriveable)?
  11. No, I'm looking at possibly late Fall or early Winter of 2024.
  12. Some good informative replies here, but after consideration, the option of working through Spencer's office to have someone purchase your vehicle and remove it from MX (back to the US in my case) seems to be the best option and then use the proceeds to buy a MX plated vehicle. Best that way IMO as it's legally been removed from MX. You might lose a bit of money on the deal vs. a local sale but at least you don't have to be concerned that this may become a legal issue in the future. If the new owner gets into a serious accident where lives are lost or serious injuries occur, can you be held legally liable as it wasn't legally removed from MX by yourself? People have repeatedly stated buying a Jalisco-plated vehicle. Can you buy a car from somewhere else in MX (Mercado Libre comes to mind- a big selection) and then just register it in Jalisco? Or would this likely be a major PITA for someone on a residente temporal visa?
  13. Is it somehow possible (or at all feasible) to buy or sell a US plated car locally? Or must the owner first drive the car out of Mexico and have their importado sticker removed? If so, would it simply be more prudent to buy a Mexican-plated car? I assume you'd need a residente temporal or permanente visa status to be able to purchase a Mexican plated car?
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