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  1. Found a much better service. No buffering. Clear picture. Great customer service. Professional.
  2. I just want the service to work. Not some bitter old drunk queen giving attitude.
  3. It’s on my TV. No way to steal anything. Good service.
  4. He’s alienated all of his customers. Very rude to people. No one wants to do business with him any longer. It’s been down for a week. He told everyone to read a book. Not a very good product anyway.
  5. Since Clear Choice is out of business.
  6. Need to change from current service. CC owner having another hissy fit. So done. Crappy service anyway.
  7. Desperately looking for a decent reliable streaming service. Please provide recommendations. Thanks.
  8. They take US insurance? Anyone use this place?
  9. With all the construction at the airport does anyone know if I can park my car for 3 days close to the terminal. Don’t want to park down the freeway and shuttle in. Thanks.
  10. References appreciated Ajijic area. Gracias.
  11. Great experience at quality care. I was a bit reluctant but it was a good experience. Better than US.
  12. I thought they were closing down for a month.
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