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  1. Thanks Kalik. I feel much better.
  2. Quality Care is scheduled to do my colonoscopy. Opinions?
  3. Walking the bike lane west side of Ajijic I see excess gravel everywhere. I had such high hopes for the bike lane but it’s turned into another neglected eyesore.
  4. Love their service. Never been ripped off but I check everything before driver leaves. So convenient.
  5. Can anyone recommend a driver. Occasional trips to airport. Someone with van for Guadalajara dinner outings for a small group. Thank you!
  6. Looking for someone to either come over and house sit and pet sit for one small Shitzu or maybe drop him off at your place. Long term (2-6 days) and Short term (all day or over night).
  7. Looking for a reference for a pedicure for someone with toe nail and foot fungus. Asking for a friend.
  8. Overgrown weeds. Construction halted.
  9. I heard it was at Tobolandia. Didn’t see a thing.
  10. This was a state funded project. Contacted a friend who works at governors office. They fund the maintenance and are unhappy that the funds are not being used. This is how you handle things not by grabbing a broom. There are channels to go through.
  11. Lane done. Never completely cleaned any dirt so now rains have created a muddy mess. Weeds. Dead trees. Now I see bicycles and pedestrians walking on carretera to avoid mud.
  12. A friend got her license july 5th. No appointment. No one there except workers. In and out in 10 minutes.
  13. I found someone else. Jackie never answers phone or calls back. Must not need the business.
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