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  1. I should have said I got both my RFC and Constancia (one document). Take your CURP number and ID to the little Papelerila (?) across from the Oxxo/Intercam bank. She did it on her computer and printed it in a few minutes.
  2. When I renewed my car insurance they wanted a copy of my Constancia de Situacion Fiscal. Way back when I got mine at the paper, etc. place across the carretera from the Intercam bank in Ajijic. It took just a few minutes.
  3. Lakeside Seven. I have been receiving one every year for 18 years. It was easier when the post office was in Chapala. There is at least one month leeway between when it is mailed and I would like to receive it. Even longer before it needs to be filed.
  4. When US tax time comes each year, and I am waiting for documents from the US, I always go to the post office in Chapala and there they are. So, if you are expecting something it would not hurt to go check. The man in the post office is the same man who what in our post office in Ajijic for many years.
  5. I suspect he was ticketed because of his foreign plates; Mexican plates would not have been ticketed.
  6. I am wondering if it is better to go in now, or when the license is due in October. It seems like you are calling attention to yourself
  7. You might check out the glass store on the carretera, north side in Ajijic. Central area. Just west of Colon. Near DHS office
  8. That is a first that I have heard of. Where was the no parking where you got the ticket?
  9. Jalisco Plans Driving Evaluation Requirement For Seniors Over 75 Might I suggest they also evaluate the adherence to the driving laws here at Lakeside. Motorcycles. Red Lights. No Left Turns, etc.
  10. Lucky you. I would have given anything for one of those in my bedroom last night.
  11. Still raining lightly at my house this AM in Upper Ajijic. It was a major storm...just like during the rainy season. The worst part was not having electricity with the 100% humidity. Talk about sweating....
  12. Why cannot any Notary update, change, whatever your will?
  13. artsnob, I just tried that this morning (8:40 am), and it worked. Let's see what happens tonight when I want to watch Netflix. THANKS
  14. Anyone else at Lakeside cannot connect to Netflix this evening? For me the screen is just blank.
  15. I think you can still get the vaccine at the ISS located at 6 Corners in Ajijic. You have to live in the area--probably Ajijic. It is free.
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