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  1. Does not begin to compare to SHAW but it is the only thing available. Many problems. Lost sound yesterday. It was fixed from Florida via satellite sometime after I switched Netflix. I still lose the satellite daily but I think they are close to fixing that.
  2. My Social Security has been deposited every month automatically into my account.
  3. Does that mean that pedestrians wishing to cross east to west on the north side no longer have a safe time to cross?
  4. I have been hooked up to Kiwisat since the middle of December. It requires a fair amount of computer work but Ajijic Electronics will help you. They have 771 channels and it costs $708/6 months. The Kiwisat receiver was shipped to Ajijic Electronics. Once they have your receiver they will come to your house and adjust your satellite. Mine points east and is almost on the roof surface. They install your receiver etc. This cost $8000 pesos. Now, I have had nothing but problems with the Kiwisat system. Almost every night, including the very first night I lose the satellite signal, and off goes the TV. It may, or may not come back on. I cannot begin to explain how complicated this is, and how often, or long it last per night. After a couple of weeks, Kiwisat Miami sent a signal boost to my receiver. This did not help. Unplugging the TV and re-plugging it back in does not help. Sample: Last night was good: I turned my TV on at 4 pm. The TV came on with a perfect picture and sound. Thirty minutes later I noticed the lips were not moving on the person speaking. I knew then that I would lose picture and sound. I was lucky, about one hour later, when I was fixing dinner I heard the TV begin to make noise, and it did come on. I do not watch TV after 7 PM. This is because, unlike SHAW you cannot tell what is programmed on the channels you want to watch. For example: I want to know what is coming on NBC, ABC, and CBS, at 7 pm, 8 pm, and 9 pm. This is not available. Lastly, I hear there are other people who are now on Kiwisat who do not have my problem. This tells me that the problem is at my end. I think it is the receiver. I need Ajijic Electronics to rule out the connection, and then get me a new Kiwisat receiver box. I will forever miss SHAW after 21 years.
  5. I did not think it ever stopped. I never answer my home phone. There is an answering machine if they want to leave a message. I never answer my cell phone unless the cell phone identifies the caller, or I am expecting a call from someone/business who the phone would not identify. The phone identifies several a week as spam and asks if I want that number blocked and deleted. Which I always do.
  6. Another idea, when they arrive at the airport go to one of the ATM machine and get pesos that way.
  7. My precinct in Seattle, Washington is very good about sending me my ballot for 21 years.
  8. I forgot to say I am in Upper Ajijic.
  9. At my house it was a delightful light rain, preceded by thunder and lightning. It was just enough to give everything a watering.
  10. That explains why you could get out more than the daily Intercam allowance. You would have paid an ATM fee whereas I did not because I used an Intercam card. Come May I will have lived here for 21 years. During that time I have used countless ATM machines and I have never once paid a fee. For the first years, I was using Banamex. Then, I switched to Intercam. I still have a CitiBanamex card so I can use either bank's ATM with no fees.
  11. artsnob, I just thought of something. Before I go into Intercam and ask if the max rate has been raised from $10,000 to $16,000 per day with an INTERCAM CARD. When you were able to withdraw 2 x $8000 what card were you using?
  12. That is a new machine. I got $5,000 pesos twice from it. That has been the maximum we could withdraw in 24 hours. I will have to go back and see if I can ask for $8000. I may see what happens in the bank itself when I try to withdraw $8000...assuming of course it is working.
  13. All doctors would treat allergies. Are you looking for a specialist?
  14. With my Intercam card, I can withdraw $10,000 daily (2 x $5000) at any of the three ATM's.
  15. I had no problem with Netflix last night
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